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Successful Implementation!

As our semester comes to an end we're all scurrying about trying to chase down our sponsors so we can wrap up a few details.

For our project we've been trying to get a hold of the IT guy at the Police station so we can take the files from our system and put it on their servers and make sure the staff can access it from their Intranet. We also had to give them the exported tables from the MySQL database we were using through Xampp to store the information.

So for about an hour we waited while our computers started up and then we ended up installing Xampp of the IT guy's computer where he was running his VM's. Once Xampp was installed we created a root password, changed the username and password in the mysql_connect file and moved all the .php files into the htdocs folder. Once all that was in place we attempted to go to the login page (localhost/login.php).

I left the Admin account in the user login table so we could sign into the admin control panel and we added some more official users (like the IT guy's username) and we looked at the police side and courthouse side. Everything was displaying correctly and we were able to enter a few records and delete a few things.

Next would be setting up a time for official testing where we can give an orientation session on how to use the system and navigate around. I'm looking forward to this so I don't want my partner shoving off and saying we don't need to waste time with it. Both sponsors on the courthouse side and police station side like this idea. Who knows the system better than us? No one.

Anyway, I'm excited that its in there and could be used in the next few weeks!

I wish I could stick around and help them. I will try but I don't know how that will blow over. There are things that need to be improved and we know so much more than when we started. Something we should have done from the start would have been browser compatibility because it really only looks good in IE. We were using labels and spans a lot, and I think a table with no borders would have had the same effect. But its interesting to see how labels and spans behave differently in different browsers.

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