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More Changes

My goodness! Having sponsors is great but it can be a mess sometimes! We just had our second and final tech review this morning to go over any final changes and things that still need to be completed for the project. Rather than get the basic system in there (since we had less than 15 weeks to do it) and having modifications made later by their IT guy or some other group that comes in after us, they just start coming up with all these things they want.

I understand that they just want something that works and works for them but at the same time we're students who had to learn all this HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL while we were working on the project. That's part of the problem with this whole project and why it may not have been the best project to assign to us. Our program did not cover this kind of material and web design and database management isn't anywhere in the course description. At the same time I think its great that we got to learn all this stuff and I've developed more of an interest in it.

Back to the project, though. My mind is a jumble as I try and order things in my brain and figure out what changes need to be made and how we can do it. Right now we just have the database set up so that they add someone and if that person ends up coming back then they are added again like a new person, there is no going back to edit the original. It's a police thing so John Doe is arrested or he's being charged with something so he's booked under that particular incident. If they come back with different charges its a whole new form that needs to be filled out. What would have been nice is if John Doe was added as he doesn't exist yet, a form was filled out. If he comes back they can't just add a new entry for the same person, they select the existing John Doe but they start a new booking session. Unfortunately its too late to make those changes to the database and I'm tired of fighting my partner.

Another issue is the number of times these people might end up editing the initial booking form because they made a mistake. They can't be allowed to overwrite the initial form, they need to append the changes to the form so that they are joined but are kept separate. I know how to echo information back to the user and in a editable format. I also know that you could probably link one id of one table to another, like we do with movements and how they are indexed because there are many movements associated with a single person. The same would probably go for this. There would be the initial form and then a supplementary form and those extra form changes would be indexed. This only becomes a problem if they only want John Doe's name in the database once because then the id is always the same, unless it can somehow be different?

The whole this is a mess and we have to figure out what we can and can't do by the end of the semester. We're supposed to be getting things ready for testing and if they keep adding changes it might never get done.

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