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Semester End Rush

It's getting down to the wire a bit with the end of the semester about a month away. The project I've been working on with my partner is almost done but it also feels like it is no where near done.

There are two sides to the project and side B has the overall interface design complete and the php and SQL behind it is there and working mostly without warnings or notices. Side A needs more work since our sponsor missed our design meeting last week. We rescheduled for today and covered a lot of ground but it will take some time to make the changes and get everything actually working. Sometimes it just seems like a huge job when you try and look at everything at once. If I just look at smaller sections then it's not so bad.

On my end of the project I just have to make the design changes. On my partners side its all the php and sql. I'd like to help with that but I can't always understand what he's doing, just like how he doesn't know how I've done most of the html and css.

Anyways, there's still the report and user documentation that needs to be done. Comments need to be thrown in and I still have to make a user help section on the site itself so if people need to know how to do something then they can look it up.

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What is really fun is when your sponsor knows exactly what he doesn't want when he sees it but has no clue as to what he really wants.
standready on Tue Mar 20, 2012 11:26 pm
I encountered the same situation when I showed the courthouse side portion of the project to the guys who would be using it. The initial reaction was very negative and it took a bit to get past that. Once we did then we were able to figure out what needed to be changed to that it would be something they wanted and that would work.
TheGremlyn on Wed Mar 21, 2012 11:26 pm

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