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First Website

So I basically made my first website. Took me about 24 hours or something to go through everything and get it up and running the way I want it. I had the idea for it and it came together pretty quick. A friend of mine actually invited me out for her birthday for drinks and its some ways off and that's when I had the idea of making a site where people could see it was her birthday and they could sign a guest book.

So I went to work on designing it, which I'm not too bad with since I've a strong hold on that aspect of websites. Then I had to get the PHP and SQL in there and that was more of a challenge. I essentially didn't know where to start. I knew I had to connect to the database and then the table and tell it where to post the data. And I knew I wanted error checking so if they left some fields empty then it would tell them to fix their mistakes, without wiping out their info they put it. All the means is that if they typed in a lot note about wishing them a good birthday and they forgot to say it was from them, their big speel would still be there, they would just have to correct their mistake.

So I got that in, got stuff posting. Then I needed those posts to display on the main page and show when it was submitted. That was a bit easier. Then I had a scary thought that some people might try and post mean things on the site so I had to quickly add in a field for admin approval. But default it's set to no and the comments don't post until I change that to yes. Currently I have to do that through phpMyAdmin but that's okay. I can change that some other time.

I've got a few posts on there now but I want more. I'm trying to keep it a secret until its closer to her actual birthday. I'm not very good at buying things but I feel this website might mean more because a lot of work and thought went into it. I just hope she likes it.

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