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Miss my Piggies!

I'm a guinea pig person and since I'm between places I can't see my piggies as much. I've got two right now, Eve and Lil Squee. The last name was not as creative as the other names I've come up with in the past but I don't know what to call them sometimes... Lil Squee is sometimes called Mocha and Frappuccino or just Frapp.

Eve is mostly a long haired guinea pig, salt and pepper coloured but she's mostly black. She's very quiet until you pick her up and pet her and hold her. (Not so) Lil Squee is mostly white with brown patches here and there with an orange streak across her left eye (kind of looks like caramel sauce). She's not very loud but she likes to run around and in general she's very adventurous.

I can't have the two together other Eve will pick on Lil Squee. I've read that it has to do with how they're from different litters and Eve is about 4 years old now... or at least 3. Lil Squee is.... about 6 months old (going by when I got her, not when she was born). She was the only female guinea pig in my little city here and I was determined to get her. She was very tiny too.

Eve is an interesting one. I got her because the store person gave me the wrong guinea pig to hold (I originally wanted the one with the three mohawks) but after holding her for a half hour I had to get her. I had another guinea at the time so I didn't pay as much attention to Eve, the favourite at the time was my guinea pig, Ewok. Saddly Ewok passed away last year Christmas Day and ever since then I've had Eve sitting on my lap or near me throughout the day. I didn't matter if I was reading a book or sitting at my computer doing homework, she was always there with me to keep me company.

That's why not having my guinea pigs right now is kind of tough. I can't wait to get them back so I can give them the attention and care they deserve!

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