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The Gremlyn is Here!

Created on Fri Mar 09, 2012 3:54 am with 265 blog posts
New to this place. This is more of a test to see what happens. I like guinea pigs, I like a lot of different music and I'm always looking to expand.

Frustration and Anxiety with a Side of Toast in Random Events with 4 comments on Fri Dec 01, 2017 6:01 am
It seems this month has been... Bad... Sorry for the spelling, this is on my phone.

I've been growing more and more frustrated by the fact I can't talk to my mom. She was a listener and I could talk to her about anything. Work, the cats, the new car, my apartment. It could be big things or seemingly insignificant. I don't think it mattered to her because I was her daughter. She loved me and appreciated my blathering on about nothing.

It's been over 4 years now so it sort of seems odd for this to come up seemingly out of nowhere. To feel angry that she's not here. I'm not recentful of those with their mom and or dad. Maybe a bit jealous...

The feelings only go more raw as I felt I was nearling her birthday. Today she would have been 64 years old... Doesn't seem fair that she never got to retire... She spent her whole life working and never got to enjoy what others will and are enjoying. We've seen two of our folks off to retirement and they seem to be in impeckable health... It's just sad... And annoying...

Heap on these heavy feelings and throw in a sick cat and well... I had a bit of a breakdown.

Mynx had another episode of bladder issues. Started with excessive grooming of her nether region. She was squatting in odd places. When she seemed to try to pee it wasn't much. Eventually there was blood. We'd been through this before and past tests showed she might have had an infection but there were crystals as well. It was a few days before pay day. I tried to wait it out a bit to see if I could coax her to eat more of her urinary SO canned food and drink more water. I couldn't stand to see her like this. Eventually I called and made an appointment with the vets the day before pay day. I felt I might be able to afford some of what she needed.

I could pay for the vet exam at least. I also felt I could come up with the money for the urinalysis. The vet wanted to do x-rays to rule out stones because he recalled she was there before. That's where I hit the limit. In that moment where I was boxed in with being forced to pay all that up front and no offee for payment plans, a promise to pay the rest happily tomorrow.. I broke down into tears in the vet office. I was overwhelmed with the feelings of helplessness and being a failure because I couldn't do anything in that moment to help my cat. My cats are like kids to me. I couldn't stand the thought that Mynxight get worse, that I might lose her.

The X-ray tech team lead... I don't really think k she got it... They were too stuck in their stance... They absolutely needed the money right then and there like they got paid daily or something rather than every two weeks. She said she had to make sure they got the money to pay their techs... Well that just doesn't make sense.

Financially I was screwed. I get paid once a month and really wasn't expecting this. I can't make money appear.

I paid for the vet visit and took my cat home but had the x-ray appointment the next day. I went back into my car and nearly hyperventilated. It took me too long to get out of there because as soon as I seemed to shakily put my pieces back together they'd fall away.

Queue m my downward spiral with my health. I managed to make the appointment for the xrays but the stress was just draining me. Something about hormones you release when you're stressed and probably any energy or vitamins and minerals that your body consumes while stressed. I wanted to fall over. I was there for two hours. I also agreed to have them try to poke her bladder to draw out urine but that failed... On the plus side I got to see her x-ray and she didn't have stones. I was happy I recognized the organs.

I took Mynx home. I was still worried because we still needed her urine to figure out what was up. She wasn't making this easy... She wouldn't pee in the box I'd set aside... I still haven't come up with a sample.

I posted about some of this on Facebook. I tried to go to bed and woke up at some point. I checked the time and saw I had a long message from my sister. Only she could try to be helpful in the most condecdnding manner.

Basically she suggested Mynx actually had idiopathic cystitis. There are no crystals or stones or backteria. She's basically stressed and her bladder becomes inflamed. She recommended I grab a feliway diffuser and food that supposedly could help decrease stress. I hunted down a diffuser late the next day once I was able to roll myself out of bed, which was my couch. After reading that message I fell apart again. Decided I needed to cry a bit so I found the video slide show the funeral home made of photos of mom. Good 15 minutes of mom. Good while of me crying. I eventually went to sleep again around 5am. Got up around 9 and cleaned myself up. Tried to have something to eat. Felt safe enough to drive around to 4 pet stores later I acauired the prize. The diffuser effects will take some time to kick in but... We'll see. I'm sure it will help.

I eventually tried to turn some attention to myself. Tried to get some food to help find some relief to the dizzy and weak feelings at my core. Pulled out the B100 vitamins I had to see if that would help. I think it did...

I should also mention I was sick as a dog the previous week. After that I didn't really have an appetite. I'd go the day eating maybe two ofy granola bars... Drank tea... The heat of that probably eased my stomach... I just didn't want to eat. That's probably what contributed to my lousy body feels. That and the stress...

Hoping tomorrow will be a bit better. Still a bit frustrated. Still a bit sad... Wish I knew how folks managed... Just feel so alone. Just me in a room and my emotions is another body sitting beside me.
Hunt a Killer - S01 Box 1 in Random Events with 1 comments on Fri Nov 24, 2017 7:25 pm
Ok, so I'm not sure of the best way to do this. I can simply talk about the contents of the box or I could post the images I've got from when I scanned them in. If there's a way to scale them back that would be great because they're HUGE when I use the [img][/img].

So as an overview this little box contained a large envelope with the stamped text "... Listening Friends of America", a postage stamp and then an inspector's sticker with some initials and a package ID. The postage stamp indicates it's supposed to originate from Maryland. Inside this envelope are the contents sent to me by both the person I'm listening to as well as the head of the organization.

Next, we have the opening introductory letter from a George Madson, Vice-President and Chief Welcoming Agent for Listening Friends of America. I'm being welcomed and thanked for participating in this program that connects you with an isolated individual and gives them an outlet. The communication is one-way so the person never hears back from you. We are the person they can confide in and be the shoulder they could cry on.

Next, we have a previously opened envelope and on the front is the word "Friend" that seems to have been typed using a typewriter. Inside is a hefty piece of paper that has been typed by a typewriter. It's basically from the individual we're being connected with and at the bottom, it is signed by John William James.

Other items that have been included are:

-- A crushed paper cup, like something a person might receive pills in or maybe it resembles the cup you might dispense mustard or ketchup into at a restaurant.
-- A blue constellation chart of a specific section of the Milky Way. ONe the back is a 1-inch piece of nylon cord taped to the back.
-- Then we have a dark brown/green card with the image of a Swan on the water with from reeds and grass behind. The words THe Swan. is written below.
-- We also have an article that seems to be titled "sinkhole highlights challenges of preventing, detecting infrastructure failing" with a number of sections effectively redacted.

One of the first things I probably did after reading and looking at this stuff is I looked for this Listening Friends of America group. This will lead you to an actual website!

Worth noting is, as neat as this site looks, it was probably pulled from a template and gradually augmented because there's reference to a Drinks menu and Restuarant.

It's not a massive website but you can mouse about to learn what you can. You kind of assume you must have signed up as a volunteer at some point. There is a Winter Newsletter in the Archive section and you get some info out of that as well plus there's a puzzle at the end. You can solve this now and hold onto it or wait until later...

This group also seems to have a Facebook account page too so you can like that and read through and it might provide more details. I plan to go through this at some point.

Of note:

Something I didn't discover until recently is there's an Inspector's database online where you can retrieve the inspector's notes about each package you receive. I'm not sure why I didn't see this link before on the website but maybe they changed their processes a bit. I think you used to receive the inspector's notes later in the mail but now you search for it online.

I'll try to add to this later. If someone has a way for me to scale the images that would be super!
Hunt A Killer - Intro in Hunt A Killer with 2 comments on Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:19 pm
I signed up with a company called Hunt A Killer. It's a mystery package delivery service I think I heard about from the podcast "The NoSleep Podcast" on Spotify. I checked them out and tried to find out what I could. I even watched a few unboxing videos but not too much as to spoil the whole thing. Just enough to make me feel like I might get my money's worth. It's certainly more expensive because I live in Canada instead of the US.

I've got 5 boxes so far and I think I just need a space to review and work this out. I've started scanning the items so I have a digital copy of the content from each box. It might also allow me to rough things up a bit in the digital version rather than mess with the original.

When I went back to view the unboxing videos I realized I'd completely missed something so I stopped and pulled all the boxes together. I have my own theories about a few things... but there's just so much. There are so many ways you could take things and, to a point, you don't know what is important or... just fluff. Things that will just confuse you and take you off track.

Here's the site if anyone is interested...
Some Pictures from Rockfest 2017 in Random Events with 3 comments on Sat Nov 11, 2017 11:22 pm
So the big draw for me was Rammstein.

I've never ever been to anything like this. Ever. Was nervous but a friend was going and I could bunk with him and share a campsite. His friends were going so we'd have more people there to hang out with. So, I dropped the money on the ticket for a base VIP ticket so I could get into the VIP section and stand a chance of being closer to the stage and hopefully not get dragged into a mosh circle. There were a couple close calls there. I was thankful I ended up beside a tall guy with some muscle that kept pushing the moshers away so I was silently saying "I'm with this guy!"

Black Miso I had at a place in Ottawa. Never had Ramen before but I loved this!

The main stage. There's another set of speaker behind so the major bands on here can be heard from further away. There are side stages, one left and one right. Plus two smaller stages further away. When the main stage is on the side stages are off and vice versus.

The afternoon we got there and set up our tent. Hardly anyone here since the bigger bands didn't start until tomorrow. People rolled in late at night and into the morning.

The next day basically after everyone showed up. It rained at night so a lot of people got wet because they had bad tents or a poor setup.
New Car - 2017 Kia Forte EX AT in Random Events with 13 comments on Sat Nov 11, 2017 10:45 pm
So. Got my butt through the driver training and maybe have dragged out my 10 lessons through most of the year. Scrambled to get myself into a G2 road test. Passed! Nervous, yes. Maybe I really didn't have any doubts I'd make that next step. Well... that meant I could go on the hunt for a car.

I'm not one for used vehicles. My parents were but part of that was money constraints. 3 kids, a house, 2 cars they needed to go to and from. Dad did most of the maintenance on the cars up until the point you started dealing with computers, then it was off to the mechanics. Then we had all the pets that needed food and litter/shavings and vet bills.

I didn't want to inherit the problems of another vehicle from a previous owner. I wanted to enjoy the 3-5 years of, hopefully, minimal issues with a car that hopefully isn't a lemon. I want to get to know the car when it's running well and learn what noises and vibrations it makes when it's not well.

I worked out how much I want to pay for a car, then I just had to find what with the features I wanted that would fit within that price. Then I had to shop around for insurance and took that opportunity to finally get tenant insurance. A lot of places were charging me a lot of auto insurance except for one place. See... I've had my G1 for a long while. I did let it lapse for a couple years before getting it again. Here's the thing. I was on my parent's insurance for years! Once place properly acknowledge it and I had a few good recommendations for this place.

I shopped for a month prior to getting my G2. I really only test drove the Kia Forte. I was looking at the Toyota Corolla since a friend has an earlier year and I drove it once before. I was a bit nervous during that test drive and it's kind of why I wanted to avoid doing it. It really only showed my how touchy the controls are for a brand new vehicle.

At any rate. I bought the Kia. The sales guy was really great though he did try to push the luxury model on me but it was just going to cost too much in the end. Plus I hadn't known about the extra bits you could get when you're signing for it. I didn't really both with the paint protect stuff... I'm just vowing not to do anything stupid or park near stupid people. I did go for the 3 or 5-year deal where they repair/replace my tires if anything happens to them.

Kia carries a 5 year, 100,000 km warranty, which is much better than one Toyota has.

Also, the Kia model I got includes Android Auto and that works perfectly on my phone! Since I started using Spotify more for music... so much easier... and I can just say "OK Google" and spit out some commands for directions or something.

I got the car in August... And... To a point, I'm not sure why I was so afraid to get my license. Driving this car... the freedom I have. I feel like I wasted a lot of years plodding along with public transit. Would I have been able to afford the car back then? No... not with the debt I had from school and no real income. But I have the car now. Getting to work is so much faster and... somewhat relaxing? Aside from trying to make sure I'm alert and watching out for any hazards or potential situations. In a year or so I'll be going for my G (full license) and then that's it... I'll be full on adulting!

So... here's the car. The evening I drove it off the lot and basically took it to my second family (the ones that consider me their adopted daughter from another mother).

Yes... Regency Red... When I was building the car out online I wanted black but that's not what they had on the lot. Actually, they didn't have the model I wanted and that's when they said "we have this wonderful luxury model" before I balked at the price and frivolous features. Ok, I might almost wish for the heated steering wheel some days since the temps have been dropping recently. So they said they had the EX AT model in red on the lot. So... And when I walked in to put the down payment on I was informed there was another deal on the car because someone else also wanted it but we both had to go through the credit check. That's when the other sales guy walked in to say he backed out. Something about too many speeding tickets and his insurance was going to be really high Razz

Also, this car has the option to fold in the side mirrors. You can turn that off or set it to auto or turn it on to manually fold in the mirrors. One way I know I locked the car is if the mirrors are folded in. When you lock them the mirrors fold. When you approach either passenger or driver door the mirrors unfold because of the key fob. When I manually unlock the car with the fob the mirrors unfolder. Doesn't sound amazing with the cooler weather so I'm not sure I want to risk the mirrors being permanently folded in because they're frozen!

Now I just get to show off how little I really know about cars and looking after them... sort of. I mean, I'm going to have a lot of green questions. At least I can pump gas. And the first time I did it was with my car. Couldn't hold off any longer and needed to get that first time experience out of the way so I wasn't so freaking nervous about it. The first oil change is on the house but... I have not been putting in the kilometers but it's either 6,000km or 6 months, right?

I will say I like backing into parking spots. I have backing up down pat! Parallel parking wasn't bad during the training and I picked that up easily enough. I'm comfortable with the size of the car. Although, when you can drive and park (backing up and pulling in) your friend's big ass GMC Sierra... is a little Forta that big of a deal? Also, I only drove his truck the one time and it was the first time I'd driven a truck. I loved it, I was high up... way too expensive and unrealistic... but someday... I might have one... Very Happy

Also, here's Mynx in the back seat. She's hiding and she's not too impressed with me. I don't think she liked the noise in the underground parking and obviously she doesn't like being out of the apartment or the smell of new cars. We're not going to test this with Luna because she's far noisier than Mynx.

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