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All Organic ???

Nothing against Organic Products on the contrary but I question myself about the meaning of it and how company are using it.
So I was walking in The Natural Product West in LA. looking for new Product for my business.
I stopped to a English company booth selling essential oil, fragrance (synthetic)and other products. I asked them if they have some organic selection, They show me a selection of product included Fragrance. I question any body to tell me how a fragrance (synthetic) could be organic !
Ho I said Fragrance organic that new! The sale rep just smile with not other complementary information.
Few booth away, I grab a bottle of water with Organic Water on the label , taste the same that other , but what that really mean... Nothing to me other that another scam.

I check product for massage with Organic Lavender wrote on Lotion or Gel label . If you know how gel or lotion are made (with chemical product) what is the meaning to add Organic Lavender?. Just to have the word organic on the label... what that really mean to the customer the lotion is organic. I do not know any lotion made with natural product with stable formula. Please let me know if so.

I could believe what I discover at this show. I start wondering in the name Natural Product Expo what was real. The Word Expo for sure.
I was concern about organic and may be start to have some doubt about the meaning, I was probably wrong after all.
So I stopped to the National Organic Association of America, and asking general question. about organic. After some information I asked how is possible that company market product as organic water or Organic Fragrance, answer was is not normal but we can not be everywhere to control what is going on. We are in so short staff. Long live to the uneducated organic world!

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