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My Frihost website is back up

This is the second time I have gotten distracted by another free web host that is not frihost, gotten into it and neglected my frihost account and then after months of accruing negative points, realized that the other web host was never as good as frihost and now I am back. Again.

The other web host looked terrific. They let you put up Adsense ads on your site as you wish. They got a 20% cut of your take. I didn't have a problem with that. I joined in November '09, made a cool website that I was enjoying building. Then this month they took the shared Adsense program away and put their own Adsense units where they wanted - unless you paid.

Like other free web hosts, they made something wonderful, invited everyone to join and after awhile got greedy, took away cool features, riddled it with their own ads and made it ugly - unless you upgraded.

I have created websites everywhere it has been offered for free, since 1996 and by far the best is Frihost.

Learn your lessons from my mistakes kids. You are already here where it is good. Don't buy the lie.


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You seem to know a lot about how FriHost operates. The intro to Frihost says "ads are in the forum, not on our website". Then, why is this notification in our accounts? Disable ads

Ads are currently enabled.
Disable ads for a month (30 frih$).
Disable ads for 6 months (150 frih$).
Disable ads for a year (250 frih$).

PS: I am relatively new and trying to follow posting rules; but sometimes it is confusing.
msphoto on Tue Jun 08, 2010 8:41 am
I understand your confusion. Smile Frihost is a vast forum and while I am impressed by the organization of the content, it can be confusing to a newcomer.

You have replied to my blog.

"ads are in the forum, not on our website"

Ads are currently enabled.
Disable ads for a month (30 frih$).
Disable ads for 6 months (150 frih$).
Disable ads for a year (250 frih$).

I'm not sure where you saw the first quote, but the latter means that if you have the frih$ (playmoney earned by posting) you can turn off the ads you see while in the forum. Personally I don't find the forum adsense ads that annoying and won't pay frih$ to turn them off.

When you get your own hosting account does not put any of their ads on your website. but you can put your own ads on your website and have a potentially revenue bearing website.

Please let me know if that answers your question. And if you ever need any help around here I and many other frihosters are glad to help. Cool
TVme on Tue Jun 08, 2010 10:52 pm

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