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Argumentative Composure

I do not know how to define this term, I hope this passage will make it more clear what I mean by 'argumentative composure'.

It is not the case, in general, that what is best for one is the best for others. This is why I see nothing wrong with hypocrisy. It doesn't mean, however, that any invocation of hypocrisy gets a free-pass on this view. But it does mean that I will not use hypocrisy itself as a counterargument, at least not in general.

As an example, consider the statement:
There are many things that I don't think they should be the way they are.
I am a sub-set of those things because I am not the person I want myself to be. But if I were to use this reason to nullify the above statement, then it would be a fallacy on the same level as accusing one of hypocrisy rather than looking at the actual argument.
Who or how an argument is delivered have no play in determining the validity of the argument.
Accusing one of hypocrisy from the outset without any further consideration of the actual argument being presented is an instance where one lacks argumentative composure.

In a similar way, we can claim that our inclinations and desires, or the lack thereof, have no play in determining what's true or false.

A person trying to defend one's traditions using his/her feelings and attachments alone lacks the argumentative composure.
I am not saying that traditions are wrong, for all I know, some of them may even have a rational reason that is obscured over generations. Some might, perhaps, appeal to a reason that is no longer present in a to-day setting. One is argumentatively composed if one can bring out such argument without resorting to something irrelevant.

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I'm always deeply in awe of people who can remain composed in an argument. It automatically gives them the edge over the argument as well. I immediately lose respect for someone who goes on personal attacks, sarcasm, condescending remarks in ad hominem. Or who uses their power to threaten the person they are arguing with. Must say composure is a really good word here. Cool
deanhills on Mon Oct 28, 2013 6:59 pm
I perfectly sympathise with this
I'm always deeply in awe of people who can remain composed in an argument.
But when we find ourselves in that position of composure, we should also be careful not to just dismiss the opponent's move only on the basis that they are not composed because then we wouldn't be composed in doing so!Shocked
Sylin on Mon Oct 28, 2013 8:39 pm
Haha .... good point. Sort of becomes a sanctimonious composure moving in the direction of hypocrisy perhaps.
deanhills on Mon Oct 28, 2013 11:11 pm

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