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5 Single-page applications

I started getting into web development just because I wanted to create a single-page application (SPA) for different aspects of a certain game that I've been playing (Lords of War and Money (LWM)).

This is what one of them used to look like:

This is a 'dresser' that tally up the stats and the item costs for LWM written in javascript. But the code was a mess, the HTML contains both embedded and inline CSS and javascript, and it was just too hard to work with now.
So I decided to start afresh, using proper code and all. But that means I have to start learning them properly first, which is what I've been trying to do in the past summer.

I have planned 5 LWM-related projects in total, they are meant to be in order of increasing difficulty:
  1. LWM: Card Tournament Expected Return (Project LCTER) - A table showing the expected return of the different drop-out style tournaments available to players in LWM. It will also compute some other things related to the tournament.
  2. Paw Knock Table (Project Paw) - A table showing the chances of a certain unit to perform 'paw knock' in the game.
  3. LWM: Labourer's Guild Tool (Project LLGT) - Labourer's Guild is where player earn their in-game golds. The wage one gets per hour maps to a specific step function, this tool calculates the area under the graph (total wage received) or the upper bound when the lower bound and the area is specified (given that I want this amount of gold, how many more hours will I have to work for?).
  4. LWM: Inventory Tool (Project LIT) - This is the project pictured above. It simulates the in-game inventory, in a sense. But I also plan to have it simulate various other aspects of the game as well so this project will grow to be rather big.
  5. Movement and Reachability (Project Reach) - LWM is a tactical turn-based game. Players take turns ordering a set of army around a grid battlefield. But where a unit can move to depends on their speed as well as whether or not there are some other units or obstacles in the way. This project will require me to do some analysis of the movement system used within this game in order to figure out how it can be correctly simulated. It will also be the most advanced in terms of the project delivery because I'll have to create a simplified version of the game units and the grid.

There, 5 ambitious projects. I started with LIT because it is the most useful for any player in the game, but I was just overestimating myself. Thus this list is ordered by difficulty; I should start out small and build my way up.

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- Ankhanu

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