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Microsoft Xbox rant

When the original xbox came out I thought it was a good system. And I thought the same thing about the xbox 360, although I think it definitely had some quality issues. And the longer I've used the Xbox 360, the more I've started to think that my next console will either be a PS4, or I'll just use my computer.

Recently the xbox 360 network has shut down totally. This wasn't the first time it happened. I remember it happening a few years back. Now, you might say, oh well if it only shuts down every few years, it's not so bad? Maybe not, if I wasn't paying $10 a month for something I wouldn't be paying for if I was gaming on my computer! I already didn't feel I should be paying for this, so now I am even angrier that it gets shut down, twice in a week. Now, the xbox one network did not get shut down. Was that a coincidence? Maybe, but I already don't trust Microsoft. The truth is that the Xbox One network is fine, but the the 360 network has been hacked twice in a short period. I have very little confidence in Microsoft, especially since I feel them to be an unethical company in the first place. So, I will NOT be getting an Xbox One, if Microsoft can't keep the 360 network functioning. And, I'm not even sure I shoud be gaming on Windows computer. I think I will be considering PS4 next.

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I don't trust Microsoft at all. Think there is plenty of scope for someone to develop a much better alternative. Then usually Microsoft probably buys the idea out. Guess it's all about money and greed, and us moving with the greed because of what we want, so in a way our fault as well.
deanhills on Sun Dec 07, 2014 3:47 am
Sounds like Microsoft is shutting down 360 in order to get users "up"graded to One. More money for them!
standready on Sun Dec 07, 2014 5:26 pm
Guess it's all about money and greed, and us moving with the greed because of what we want, so in a way our fault as well.

At the moment I think convenience is actually the biggest enemy of the consumer. People assume UIs are stripped down for "ease of use" whereas in actuality it's all about controlling/tunneling the user, in 10 years people will believe that you need 4 quid for something that is worse than VLC. Welcome to the time of the backwards.
Josso on Mon Dec 08, 2014 3:11 pm
Agreed Josso. Just heard tonight on the news that Sony Playstation got hacked.

I sometimes wonder whether that is by a competitor rather than script kids who are enjoying a good challenge? The news report said it was a Website - Lizard Squad - based in Russia that did it, but any one can have a Website in Russia.
deanhills on Mon Dec 08, 2014 5:49 pm
Yes, apparently I spoke too soon about moving to PS4. lol Well, I have already thought that maybe I should just stick with a PC (unfortunately that probably still means using Windows). I saw a video (I'll look for it if anyone is interested) with somebody claiming he could build a PC that could play games just as good as the new consoles for $300. Now, this was before the price drop on the xbox one, but I think I'd still go with a PC. I'm pretty sure that didn't include Windows, but you could probably buy a computer with windows and upgrade the video card. I think maybe his point was is that when the 360 came out you wouldn't have been able to buy a computer system capable of playing those games (in the same graphical detail) for anywhere near the price of the 360 (I don't know for a fact that this was true). But the latest generation of consoles are not as impressive. I don't have facts to back this up, but I would be willing to do some research, especially before I go out and buy another console. I do know one thing: If I buy a computer at least I will not be stuck with a monthly charge to play any game online. I think that would be enough reason for me, since I already pay for internet. Not only that, but I can use my computer for other things. While it's true that they have apps online (and I can't speak for the latest generation consoles) you still don't have the freedom with a 360 that you would with a PC. I suppose you could hack it and run Linux on it, but that is beyond my capabilities. lol
SpaceInvader75 on Sat Jan 03, 2015 9:30 am

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