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Reasons I will not be buying BattleField Hardline

I don't have a blog category yet for new games, because I don't really have the money for them most of the time. To this date, the most I've spent on a game was BattleField 4 for $45. I am writing this blog to explain some of the reasons I am not very happy with my purchase. Even though I've been a BattleField Fan for a long time, I don't think I will be buying anymore BattleField games.

I think most of the following complaints I have seem to indicate that the game developers/publishers really don't care about the quality of their game. Maybe that's why I shouldn't play games that are so popular; the companies think millions of people will play the game, even if they cut a lot of corners. Well that may be true, but I will not be one of the millions anymore.

The game still has a lot of glitches in it, even after this latest patch (a year later, btw). My favorite level used to freeze up the my xbox after a few minutes of playing it, quite frequently. That seems to have been fixed, at some point, but I really should have taken the game back at that point. But I held out because I've liked BattleField so much. So now that I can at least enjoy the whole game (most of the time) I end up in games where nobody on my team is using a headset. This part is the only complaint I have that really isn't the game publisher's fault, but it still contributes to the experience being less than enjoyable. What's the point of playing a multiplayer game if you're not going to use your headset? So, it seems that around 75% of the games I join aren't even close at all. Now, this part I blame some on the matchmaking system. You can sometimes tell by the player levels (and if not that by the scores) that the game isn't even remotely closely matched.

Game matching may be a problem for all first person shooters, however, but then when I actually start to do good (this just happened today, again) and I kill 3 or 4 enemies in a row, I suddenly get kicked from the game. The worst thing is, I usually don't actually get kicked, but it says I've been disconnected from the EA servers. Now, the other complaints I have I could put up with. It still might not have been that enjoyable, but at least if I was lucky and doing good, I could continue to enjoy that game. But apparently it is easy to hack the BattleField servers, so you can just kick people out of the game when they're winning. That just puts me in a lose/lose situation, and as long that continues, it is impossible that the game will really be fun, in my opinion.

The last reason I will not be buying BattleField Hardline is that it is the same game engine as Battlefield 4. I suppose if they lower the price right away I would consider it, but we all know that's not going to happen, and if the other problems I mentioned above weren't fixed, I would even pay $20 for it, honestly.

If you're reading this, please feel free to make a suggestion on which multiplayer game I should try next. I'm thinking of TitanFall. I've already played Halo, up to Halo 4, and I would prefer Call Of Duty to Halo, if I had to play one (although I haven't played any recent Call of Duty games).

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