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Dead Island

I'm getting a little behind on my reviews; I recently started a new job, but I still plan to keep reviewing. In fact, I may be able to review some more games that aren't free now. lol

Anyway, I have never played Dead Island (I'm not a big zombie fan) but I saw it for free on "Free Games with Gold" and decided to try it out. At the beginning you can select from different characters and I selected a character that throws knives. I haven't played any other ones yet, but I like the fact that game focuses on melee combat. You can actually throw other weapons too; I've thrown baseball bats at zombies.

I thought I would get bored with the zombies, but so far I haven't; they actually aren't as predictable as I thought. There are different types of zombies, so there are smaller zombies that actually run after you and then there are some really strong slow ones that can't catch you but they are harder to kill. The zombies are even capable of using weapons.

Your weapons wear out when you use them, so you have to find a workbench to repair them, or get new weapons. The cool thing about the workbench is you can also use it to upgrade your weapons and even make weapons out of parts you find. I believe the first weapon I made was a "deodorant bomb". lol

Another thing I like about the I like about the game is the co op mode. The game will show you when there is another player in your area and you can just push a button to join them.

I probably played this game for over a week, and I would still be playing it but I downloaded the next free game (I have limited space on my hard drive) and decided to put Battlefield 3 back on my hard drive. If I have a chance I will definitely continue my game and play some more co op mode.

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