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Warhammer: BattleMarch

This is an old game I've been playing lately. I thought I would do a review, because I'm sure you can pick it up cheap, if you can still find it. It appears GameStop has it (online, at least) used for $6.99. If you look up this game you will notice that it doesn't have a very high rating, but I think it's a great game to consider if you like Real Time Strategy games (one of my favorite game types).

In "Warhammer: BattleMarch", you command an army (there are 5 different factions) that marches around and does various missions. You don't get to build a town, because you're given troops at the start of the battle, but you get money when you fight, and as your army travels around, you can upgrade, heal, or buy more troops at towns you stop at in between battles. I prefer the games where you can build structures and mine resources, but I like something different now and then, and BattleMarch lets you focus on tactics. In addition to your regular troops, you also have heroes, that are pretty powerful, and you can level them up and get various spells for them to make them even stronger (your troops also level up with experience).

I know one reason that the game doesn't have a higher rating is because of the controls. Personally, I'd rather play Real Time Strategy games on a computer, but I don't have that option right now, so I have to make do with the xbox controller, which is simply not as good as a mouse/keyboard, when it comes to games like this. The controls are a little complex, and not very easy to remember, but there is a tutorial that teaches you everything, and I just kept going over the tutorial, until I got better at controlling my armies. If you have the patience to learn the controls, and you enjoy Real Time Strategy games, I think you will enjoy this game, and it is worth the $7 or so you might pay for it. I haven't even finished the human campaign, and I think I've already got my money's worth. Smile I just wouldn't recommend this game if you're looking for something easy; I've been playing it on Easy and I've still lost most of my troops on some stages and even got stuck on more than one occasion. But I'm still having fun playing it. Smile

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