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Electronic Mixes A-Z

In this blog I will try to post a new mix every day. This blog will be my favorite mixes: I will start with a DJ beginning with the letter A, and go all the way to Z.

I will make another blog with my own mixes on PartyCloud.

So today I'm on the letter A, and I actually have 2 mixes I just recently listened to recently, that I'd really like to share.

1. Adam Freeland:

English producer and DJ, known for breakbeat music. He did a remix of the Infusion song "Better World" for the game "Burnout Revenge", which I really like (I like most of the music on that soundtrack). I've enjoyed some of his other music too, but it's been a long time. I just thought recently to look him up on SoundCloud and fond the mix below. I don't even know how to describe this mix, but a couple of the tags are DeepHouse and Electro, if that helps.

2. Adventure Club:

I just heard a mix by this Canadian Duo, known for dubstep, and electro-house a few days ago, and I really like it, because I've never a mix quite like this before. I like how they mix nice melodic tracks into dubstep and what I would call hard trance.

Well, I hope you like today's A-Z mixes. I plan on doing "B" tomorrow.

2 blog comments below

Electronic Music "B": Bloes Brothers

I was trying to think of a DJ I liked who started with B, and nothing came to mind right away, so I looked on my SoundCloud stream and found the Bloes Brothers; if you like Deep House as much as I do, you will probably want to listen to this mix. Smile

I'm still working on putting my own mix together; hopefully I'll come up with something in a couple of days.
SpaceInvader75 on Wed Jan 01, 2014 2:23 am
OK, I finally have my "Electronic Mix C" Very Happy

I was looking at "Boiler Room TV" and I found a live mix back from October with Cari Lekebusch from Sweden (and Alexi Delano). I really enjoyed this mix: I suppose it is electro house, techno, minimal sounding.
SpaceInvader75 on Sat Jan 04, 2014 11:30 pm

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