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Ubuntu -- Life and Times of Gutsy Gibbon

I am currtently running Dapper Drake, which is Ubuntu's LTS (Long Time Support) release. I am interested in trying the "latest and greatest", but I don't want to jeapardize other projects by taking a chance on a less-stable release. I have decided to see if I can use VirtualBox to run the newest release. My plan is to load my 6.06 CD (the "alternate install" one into a VM and try upgrading it to Edgy, Fiesty, then Gutsy. At that point I will probably try the new Christian Edition update. I appreciate the efforts of the team that put that together, but it gave me some trouble last time. I hope and trust that it's cleaner now. I may need to roll up my sleeves and help them out if it's not, rather than just complaining about it.

I would like to post a "How I did it" here. If it works out well, I might do a "How to" later -- but right now I don't know for sure exactly how far I'm going, so I'm not sure How to -- "what". I hope I don't chicken out when I do something foolish, so that the process, with some of the wrong turns, will be documented here.

I have taken the first step, getting the latest VirtualBox. If you want to do likewise, I suggest going to:

Have a look around their site, and decide how to fetch the binary. I chose to add their repository, since they have one set up for Dapper. First, I went to my trusty Terminal window, and fetched the key with the command:


which is the address of the public key for their repositories. Then I added the key to my gpg keyring:

sudo apt-key add innotek.asc

as they recommend. Well, they left off the sudo, but it's close. I'm not positive sudo was necessary, but I hope the package installer doesn't trust a key provided by a non-root user!

The next step is to install the package. I could have used the GUI interface for that, but I used:

sudo apt-get install virtualbox

At this point I need to set up a fresh virtual machine, boot the CD into it, and see if I can run, walk, or stumble to the finish line of getting a functional Gutsy installation.

This should have been posted in "Computing"
My kernel is 2.6.15.x, which is fine with VirtualBox. If I upgrade the host, I need to watch out and avoid versions 2.6.17 or 2.6.18, as there are issues with them. Probably the Ubuntu team has avoided those, but it won't hurt to double-check.

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