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Hello, and welcome to the Shine On blog. Thanks, Frihost, for making it so easy to start a blog! I hope to share my views on many things here, and provide a little encouragement to those who are distressed by the direction the world is headed, or who are in doubt as to whether anyone is "up there" who they can count on for help.

Since I have no words of wisdom to share with you today, I will refer you to a couple of great sources of inspirateion.

PyroManiacs -- -- a great blog, if you don't mind being stretched a lillte bit.

Market Street Fellowship --

This is the site of a church in Ohio. If you click on the 'teaching' link:
( ),
then click on the "Not I, But Christ" Series link:
( ),
you will find six hours of teaching on standing aside and letting Christ live His life through you. You can read it as a pdf file. If you download one of the pdf's, you should find that the whole six hours of teaching is in it. Of course, I highly recommend listening to the audio as well.

Aside from the fact that the teaching is very challenging, if English is not your native language, listening to the audio while reading the text should help you learn English better.

*edit* I followed my own advice and listened as I read. The text is quite a bit different from the spoken message, so it's a bit hard to keep in sync. If you are learning English, you could stop and start the audio, and figure out what the differences are. In general, he seems to have made the writing more coherent by editing out repetitions and clarifying some points. This may prove to be a good example of the differences between informal spoken English and more formal written English. I would be interested in knowing whether you find it helpful.

May God bless you and be with you always.

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