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It was an unusually boring day at the Prime Defense temple on saturday afternoon. Calcatron was soaking in his tub, Cloud was in his private quarters with his girl, and the rest of the guild was acting like they were doing chores. Shadow was currently avoiding the eye of anyone as he was preparing something in the kitchen that he wanted no one to find out. No, sadly it wasn't a Rancor Steak, it was a huge sammich filled with all the wonders of the world. He finished making the great sandwich and flipped his hood over his head as he headed to the general area to test his creation. Turning the corner he accidentally bumped into Warek Ozera and Thresuin Corthala who were just chatting away about nothing.


" O, sorry Shadow" said Thresuin and Warek.

Holding the sacred sandwich under his cloak he forced a small laughed a nudged his way past the two.

Warek whispered to Thresuin " you smell that?"

"Yes, yes i do. What is it?" replied Thresuin

"It can only be one thing....its a sammich!" yelled Warek

His yell echoed down the main hallway alerting anyone with ear's to pop their head out to see what was going.

Shadow just reaching the TV room heard the echoed yell said to himself "O no..."

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-There are four entrences to the living room. 1.The kitchen entrance, 2. hallway entrance ( which shadow came in from ) 3. elevator, 4. backdoor to the gardens -

The living room of Prime Defense was quite large, in fact it was large enough to hold two pool tables, two couches, three 60'inch plasma particle TV's attached to the walls of the room, one giant holocron set in the middle of the floor and of course... a small rancor steak freezer in the corner of the room. Shadow was by the holocron which was currently showing a number of twi'liks due to the fact that it was "Twi'lik fedish week"...for the 5th week in a row. His sammich in hand, hood over his head, he was ready to defend his sammich for his life. Warek and Thresuin were the first to walk into the living room, eyes locked on the taunting sandwich, they took out a device that looked much like a modernized wand that glowed at the very tip in various colors. This device was ment to stun, disable, take down anything without hurting it to much.

"We want that sammich Shadow" said Warek and Thresuin at the same time

"The sammich that i hold in my very hand?" replied Shadow

"The very same" said Thresuin

"Well then, i must decline and keep this sammich for myself" said Shadow

"..So be it" said Warek

It seemed like nearly the whole guild had began to pour into the giant living room. They all held the "stun wands" changing colors randomly and began to in-circle shadow.the lights were then shut off and the room was lit by the changing colors of the wands. The colors of blue, red, pink, purple lit the faces of the ravenous members of Prime Defense, all bent on goal to take the prized sammich from shadow. Climbing on top of the holocron generator, he looked around for any chance of escape..there was none.
Shadowninja7194 on Thu Aug 05, 2010 4:03 am

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