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Working with MRS!

I have got a Full-Time job list from my boss from Goodwill Industries but the only problem is, I stumble onto things that I can't even say about myself, mostly interview questions..

Employers don't want that I guess.. >_>; I guess I'd have to study with my friend for Interview questions cause I really never had a job that consisted with interviewing before, Yes I did have Summer Work Experience in the past, but I never actually had interviewing help which they should of done in that first place right?

I will have my friend help me with that but by the time I get that done, the position would probably already be filled even before I am confident enough to even do a thing like that and be straight foward without stumbling over my own words or anything.

But on the other hand, I am taking Soft Skills Class and Job Readiness class to help me learn more about my skills and things for it.

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Apply and go for the interview, even if you haven't gained any interview skills... if you blow it, so be it, at least you tried!
Employers tend to understand that the interview process makes people nervous, and some people are better at interviews than others. Ya never know, even if you stumble, they might recognize what you've actually got.

Either way, yeah, it's a great idea to work with your friend to build some of those skills, they'll come in handy later, even if you get this job before you can work on the interview skills!

Out of curiosity, what are Soft Skills?
Ankhanu on Thu Mar 22, 2012 4:43 am
It probably won't do any harm to get some coaching with the questions. I don't know which country you are from but I recall interviews used to be really high-tech in some places like Canada for example. There could be a panel of people trying to outdo one another with the questions they ask you. Just remember that it is not the knowledge or lack of knowledge that counts as much as your attitude and the way you respond to the questions. They would like to see someone self-assured, composed, and completely open to be right or wrong. Don't be too casual, and don't be too tense. Sit up straight and listen very carefully to the questions. If you don't understand the question ask what the question is as that would count in your favour too. But do you homework about the employer and in your preparation focus on what skills and experience you could contribute to the company that is interviewing you, rather than what they should be bringing to you. But only offer this information to them if directly asked.
deanhills on Thu Mar 22, 2012 4:55 am
Good advice there Smile
Ankhanu on Thu Mar 22, 2012 5:21 am

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