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I'm having a better life

Well, Monday.. Which was the day before yesterday the 13th of Feb, I decided I wanted to move out of the place I was living because me and my mom was living under a guy, who we stayed with for 8 years straight and he always had an issue with drinking since the da we met him..

The reason why we stayed with him for so long is because in 2004-2006, We lived in Washington where my mom met him, he was silver and not drinking at the time until later on.

In 2007-2009, We moved to Oregon to live with my grandma where he done little drinking but he was more polite to himself and others but since my grandma moved down to the coast he started drinking and doing drugs.

In 2009-2012, We stayed in a hotel until, June of 2010 where we lived until Darrin got a job, (my moms bf) than we moved into a apartment, he started drinking light than whenever he got the money, he started to drink.

Feb 13th 2012, I called a friend of mine to see if I can live with her until I got settled or I wanted to move out. Since she is paying me no $ for Rent, I am living there for free, She is trying to help me get on my feet until I can.. She would rather have me there than homeless anyday of my life soo yea.

Living out on the streets is not fun but before all this went down. Michigan Rehabilation Services in Kalamazoo Michigan, helped me get into a 3 week job training course for the Goodwill Industries. From Feb 6th, 2012 to Feb 23rd, 2012 for Job Training Experience which I am getting now.

But I was gonna be homeless monday and decided to call her to see if she could help me, Her 2 residents she had, were kicked out by her for sky rocketing her bills sky high it was not even funny!

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