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Games I'm gonna be managing

My friend and I are coming up with a plan to make a private server for the game called "Conquer Online" and so we are gonna be managing anyways..

He's going to make me Admin, after we get done with new idea's and take off new addons for the game that was released since it has alot of updates we do not want anymore. Classic V1.0 is far way better than V2.0 these days!

Out of all my experience playing Conquer Online, The game was better being classic than v2.0 where they added massive classes and stuff that don't even make the game play fair to players anymore

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Good luck with your idea. Some time ago I managed to run my own private server for another online game. I hosted it on a dedicated server but when amount of players dropped below 20 i gave up the whole idea.
I must admit that it was very valuable experience since the game server required a lot of work. It helped me to learn how to handle linux commands since I used dedicated server with debian (linux based servers are much cheaper).
You are going to host it on your home computer or buy a dedicated server? Second option is much better but you will have to incur additional costs (everything depends on amount of players you are going to have). I don't know if conqueror online is very resource hungry but VPS probably won't be enough for a smooth gaming.
If you will have any questions feel free to ask!
Hexes on Wed Dec 28, 2011 1:21 am
Well, He is going to go through VPS, til we can get the cost of buying a dedicated server for the game.. but than again, We're probably just gonna have less people because when Private Conquer Online servers are ran, there isn't usually alot of people who wants to play on another server inless it has high modifications added, for like PVP, PK, etc.

Yea, I totally know you're idea about that.

When I get a dedicated server, will I have to host it at my house, or have a server (place) that hosts it for additonal cost, so what did you do for that?
Ryox on Sat Dec 31, 2011 10:43 pm

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