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My Story : A Journey to Web Design Mastery

I always said this to people : Designers aren't naturally good at what they do, it takes time to develop the skills that are needed to be a good designer. I'm going to share my story with you because I'm true testament to this.

How did I start out?

When I started out, I was using website design tools like Adobe Muse to create websites. I didn't have a workflow or a design process, I just tried to mimic the style of the websites I saw. I wasn't the greatest and a lot of people had an head start on me.

A Turning

I knew that I'd have to create websites that looked way better than what I was doing. So I starting looking on Youtube & Tut's plus for tutorials on mocking up websites in photoshop. I constantly did that and I definitely made improvements but I still wasn't where I needed to be. During the start of my actual freelance career, I met Nelson who was a professional web designer from Miami. Nelson taught me about making websites that looked clean and simplistic. Soon, we lost touch but I still kept on improving.

Macy & The Woman's Touch

Macy was a bit different from Nelson, she was less strict and more interactive. She taught me about laying out content, colors, and a bit about valuing my work. We collaborated and did small projects together. But the one thing she stressed to me the most is that I need to learn HTML/CSS. She was right and I did start, I went to code academy and stayed up night at after night learning. Even though I went through those free interactive courses, things were still confusing to me. I decided to keep on using Muse and Photoshop had just become part of my process. Soon I took a hiatus after a while because I wasn't getting any work and learning became too stressful.

My Evolution & Now

During my hiatus, I relaxed and I just enjoyed life for a while. One surprising thing was is that I found myself looking at web design courses from and Tuts+ with a combination of video series from YouTube. I practiced day by day, slow learning to design and professional looking websites. At that particular time I was rarely on the computer and if I was, I was on my development server.
When I finally made my return to the Internet world, I not only learned to design and code responsive websites, I learned to make WordPress themes. I even landed a job at a agency.

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