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Who are the good Host/Guys

There are many host who claim to be the best and offer nothing but the best. But, we can't really trust them. We have to remember that these guys are just trying to get you to sign up with them and use their service because they either pay through ad clicks or they keep their hosting up by other deceitful methods. I'm going to help you sort of the Goods from the Bads.

A good host is...
A good host is not all about how much space they offer or bandwidth etc. The main thing you look for is honesty. Good host are always honest the best way to check that is going and looking for real reviews (telling about pros and cons and not just good stuff). Another way to tell is by looking on their forums or whatever they have for discussions. If a host has no way where there is no guarantee of support (like frihost) then they probably are not up to what they say they are.

A bad host is...
A bad host is a host who will try to deceive you at all cost. the main thing you look for in a bad host is really the lie in what they say. Take PowrHost for example, they say they offer unlimited mysql databases but they only allow up to 5 or 6. Then you should look at how popular they are, if they are not even heard of before by any little host search or anyone then they probably are bad. Sometimes the host is good but still has a "lie" which makes it bad: e.g Staff are not as kind as they could be or staff let people slide with doing bad things intentionally. Bad host have one screw up that makes them too obvious. Sometime their site is not finished.

What is similar about both bad/good
The similarity is that they both have their faults. I mean weather it's a mistake within the staff or erros with site. They both have errors and room for improvement.

Where do Bad host come from?
Bad host usually come from free resellers. YouHosting Co. is the main place I see bad host coming from. Free reseller sites take a risk knowing someone may not be serious about running a company or may abandon it. The mistake the free reseller makes is not taking the abandoned sites down. Because of that we have bad host everywhere.

Now you know how to spot out the good guys. Stay safe and keep an eye out for my blog post.

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Given the limited amount of space and bandwidth, it seems that Frihost hosting is for people running small or medium websites although Bondings said that he would upgrade the server capacity soon. I don't think it is good to expect so much from Frihost as this is a free service. It is one of the only free, sustainable and that provides root access to your website using a panel. I think people should be grateful to Bondings for also building a great community.
twotrophy on Fri Mar 15, 2013 1:00 am
I was not calling out frihost in my article. I was just giving some insight on the differences.
RoylanM on Sun Mar 17, 2013 4:49 am

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