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Games that are simply not good for kids

You think that some games with just a little violence is okay, thats where most parents make their big mistake. See the videos games that we as parents let our children play can some how alter our child's values that we've taught them. That could lead to some trouble some where along the road.

Violent Games
Now these are the games we parents are not sometimes careful with. We have to make sure we know what our child is playing. Nintendo shop has some of these games that some kids of young age are not allowed to play, so make sure you go online and watch a video about any games that might be considered violent or have swears to see how bad it is before buy/ letting your child play.

Games to Never let a child under 15 play
Car Jack Streets- This game has shooting, stealing,killing and uses terms like "get your ass back here","You Suck" , "You're a failure" etc. Stuff like that goes against the good values we teach kids, but also promotes discouragement. (I've played this game)

Sims- Oh my lord! Don't let any child under 15 even get close to this game.The game is a balanced and honest portrayal of peoples' foibles as well as their strengths. Characters can be dishonest, nasty, lustful, mean, and materialistic. Characters can die and turn into ghosts, although it's also possible to control and even halt the aging process. This game also has some sexual play meaning sexual actions can be done.

Here are some reviews given by people who've played the game on Common Sense Media:

Grand Theft Auto- This game is very bad, This game is known to have all kinds of inappropriate stuff like drugs,violence, sex. I would never let a my 15 year old son play this game it's to bad for any child.

Hey lets see what a review by common sense media says about this one,

So those where just examples but mostly played by under aged kids. We need to make sure our children never play games that have traits like the ones above. Make sure you don't play them around children.

Good and Fun Games
Pokemon (Any version) - The pokemon games are completely safe for kids, it doesn't feature sexual stuff, drugs or anything else that is considered wrong in the eyes of parents.

Mario Games- These game are fun for any child who can play it. It has fun little graphics and it doesn't promote any bad values in our kids. I'd recommend this game for kids who are just getitng into video games.

Army Men (Any version) - This game does have shooting (nerf gun) but overall it's an okay game. This game is for young children who a probably into play games with soldiers and what not.

Games like this we need to keep out children around not those dangerous games we have 15-50 years play.

To wrap this up I'd like to say, please keep your kids in a safe area when it comes to games. I hate to say it but kids are most likely to attempt to do stuff they see in games. Stay safe.

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