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We steal the easy posts from those who needs them!

A thought that hit me another day I will now write little about. (Bad English? probably Razz rest is better... )
I remember when I was new here I found it a lot harder to find something to post about. I can see when I look at my older posts that my English has improved a lot too. Also in the beginning it's harder to know where to find the interesting topics. There is many forums and if you look at the new posts link you will find a lot of topics but it's hard to get a good overview. Some periods when I not have been so active on the forums and come back it can feel hard to find something to post (Maybe because I feel uncomfortable if my points goes under 40 and I want to post a lot to get there :p).

Today I know quite well where I should look to find topics that I'm interested in. If I'm at home I often take a look at the Frihost forums to see if there is something interesting to read or reply to. The thought that hit me was that persons that are here a lot will have no problems to have high points. They also have a bigger chance to find the topics before the users that are not here very often. But when the user that is not here very often comes here he might need more points but all interesting topics does already have been answered and it's harder to find something that is not already said and is useful. So the more frequently users steal the easy posts from those who needs them. Of course I don't mean this is unfair but more a fact.

It's not hard to see that many of the posts here are made only get some points even if they are not necessarily spam posts. The points also have a effect that people take the step and post which can be a positive thing. If they don't have an "easy" post to make they might take the step and do a "not so useful post" which can be a negative thing.

After all I think the system here at Frihost works good and I don't think it's a very big problem. The points are quite easy to earn so the users that have a hard time post enough is not that many. I don't want people to stop post if they want to only to make other posters a favor. I don't think anyone will do that but you never know. Happy posting! Very Happy

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I don't think it's really stealing for the usual folk to make easy comments.

I would like to find better comments on world events!

Thanks for your notes on Linux.
TomGrey on Fri Jul 18, 2008 11:25 pm

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