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Saturday 9th Feb 2008

Hey! First blog post! I feel so happy! I am listening to FOB's I'm like a lawyer right now, completely irrelevant but i thought i'd say it anyway! So, what did i do toady?

WEll, first off i woke up (no, really?) kinda late(oops!), i was supposed to be at my friend kerry's house so we could watch the latest episode of Naruto. We normally watch it on Fridays but i sort of made other plans so kerry got sorta pissed but it didnt last long(cos she luvs me Smile awww). But yeah i was late as usual (only by 40 minutes ish!) but i did tell her when i got up i would be late. this is really boring you all now, right? not like it matters cosyou've probably all stopped reading by now, so therefore nothing i say now matters...

Anyway we watched it and it was like, so SLOW!!!! amazing, but slow. but then again all the shipuuden episodes are. you know, what would take like 5 minutes in an original ep takes more like 20. but it was still good and there was a huge cliffhanger which isnt really a big deal except WE DONT KNOW WHEN THE NEXT EP IS COMING OUT!!!!!!!!!! what are we gonna do!!!! First no chocolate, now no naruto! oh, i should mention that. Me and kerry are being sponsored by all our friends to not eat ANY chocolate for the whole of Feb! some are sponsoring quite a lot just cos they dont think we can do it. actually its really hard, i mean the only reason we want the choc so bad is cos we knoe we cant have it, know what i mean? doesnt make it any better though. anyway what happens to the money you might ask? well, i am going to portugal with kerry and her parents in august and i kinda need to get money to pay for it (bout 300 in total) so all the money goes towards that. we even got our physics teacher Mr Henson to sponsor us but he didnt know what it was for till after he agreed (but i dont think he minds, it was only 1).

Back to current events, after that we went into town with Dawn (kerry's mum) cos kerry needed new lenses and fabric for her textiles class which she needded her mum to pay for(obviously). WE didnt have much time together though cos we didnt get into town til 11-45 (because Dawn was busy playing tetris) and i had to leave them at 12-40 to meet my friend alice at the house where she has her violin/piano lessons.We then went to have lunch in Mr Munchobviously because well, where else are ya gonna go. Seriously though, the chips there are AMAZING. It's like heaven in a chip. Anyway after thaty we went shopping for all sorts of stuff ( well, alice needed a prezzie for her mum and then we went clothes shopping) not that i could buy anything cos im skint( all my money is in my portugal fund). Then i came home, and can you guess what i might possibly be doing now?

WEll, a little boring i know but thats was what i did today.

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