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Is It Wrong To Feel Like I Don't Belong With God?

Is it wrong to feel like I don’t belong with God? I do believe in God. I believe that He created us and this world and that He gave his only son to die for our sins. But, I feel like I belong somewhere else; a place where I am both close and far away from Him. I feel as if I am connected to the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and to God. But I also feel that by being connected with other things, and not just God alone, that I don't belong entirely to Him.

Some people told me these feelings of mine are Satanic, which only makes me feel bad because I don't feel as if that's what it is, but I slightly fear those people may be right. Others said it must be a connection to Wicca, but there are aspects about that faith that don't sit well with me.

Is there anyone out there that has ever felt this way? And if so, did you ever figure out why?

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Yea Gods. No, of course it isn't wrong.
Ask yourself just how these people know so much about satanism that they are able to recognize his works. Also consider what evidence they have for their own pretend certainty (in fact they will be the same mass of uncertainty and confusion as most believers are - they are just hiding it better).

I felt similar, but that is many many years ago - before I eventually figured out that the whole thing didn't make much sense and decided that it was actually God that didn't belong with me...Smile

You can send yourself insane trying to make sense of Christian dogma. God is, they say, everywhere - which means you cannot be away from him. Trouble is, if He is everywhere then where is everything else ? Smile

I'm not going to tell you what to believe, or not believe - you have to work that out for yourself, but don't listen to small minded idiots who think they know what Satan does and set themselves up as your judge - tell them to take a short walk off a tall cliff - it is YOUR life and YOU are in charge, so YOU must work it out, not some busybodies with delusions of adequacy...
Bikerman on Sun Sep 09, 2012 11:51 am

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