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Food on Mars, food on Earth

I have just seen a History Channel documentary about life in Mars. Pretty interesting, what struck my attention was the possible techniques used for growing food in an adverse environment. Main factors to take into account:

Most of those problems are already solved: by using special lamps (instead of direct sun light), in hydroponic containers (no soil), and using racks stacked up to maximize space use.

This really made me wonder... if we can grow so much and rich food in such a small space, in such extreme and adverse conditions... Why we can’t do that in our own planet? How much would it cost to set up just a building (only one) of this kind of planting in key locations? How much food can we grow and how many can we feed with this?

Then, a second line of thought: Is it true then that this planet can’t hold the growing population because it can’t be fed, because we’re running out of farming land?

We can grow food with the latest technology for space exploration and colonies, but we can’t use that technology to feed our own.

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What was the purpose of the show? To tell whether or not it is possible to farm on Mars?

Ontop of the things you listed for potential issues, what about Oxygen? Actually now that I think about it, you were probably referring to farming on mars inside a building with a controlled atmosphere. This would make more sense as planting on mars the traditional way probably would never work due to lack of oxygen.

Anyways it's an interesting topic like I said before. Good post.
Ghost Rider103 on Wed Jan 02, 2013 1:10 pm

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