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Ranting on Android

What is wrong with this picture?
Open source OS... Closed source Apps with Add's.
back in the day I bought an android because it was linked to the open source scene.
was I on for a surprise.
nowadays it's PAY for the 'full' version, read Add free version or get spammed by Add's.

This is just 1 part of the things I hate about android.
the 2nd and most annoying part is that nearly 99% of the apps need rights (that I think) they don't need.

why on earth should a simple tetris replica need access to my GPS location or my contacts or even send mails or text messages or accounts, or or or or Brick wall ???

Luckily there are alternatives to the google play (market ) like F-droid
and developers that create open source android apps:

I wrote that in a moment of frustration.
the add's in the game are not android's fault indeed.
what I don't like is th way the security is setup on any droid.
either you accept ALL the rights or NONE, why not let the user decide what they want.
for instance, I have a card game on my droid. it has access to the network because you can play online, OK, no problem, but what if I don't want the app to have internet access, simply because I have trust issues or simply because I don't want to have an application drain my battery or any other reason.
also, why does it need access to my accounts and/or contacts. or even send text messages or mails.

I'm not saying that android is crap... It's sh*t Laughing

no seriously, they should leave it up to the user to decide what application has access to which part of the phone.

PS: most negative replies will come from people that have created an android app and have used add's to make a few coins.

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this has nothing to do with android itself. if you don't like the app, find another one that can do the same thing.
badai on Wed Jan 09, 2013 8:03 am

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