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I know that this topic has been discussed several times and has received a lot of comment, both positive and negative.

I've read that Icecreamtruck was cooking up something but there hasn't been any updates on the forum or anything.

Bondings advised that he could create a low bandwidth version of the forum:
Bondings wrote:
I'll create a low-bandwidth option for the forums, without signatures and avatars. I will first finish some other stuff, like the competitions, though.

This is a good idea for the people that for some reason choose not to have a smartphone.
but for the ones that do have a smartphone we are still depending on the browser of the smartphone.
and when viewing any webpage in a phonebrowser there are several things that need to be considered.

I've developed a few smaller android applications for myself and I'm sure that there are other users on this forum that know how to write code and others that have graphical skills.

If we could create a project team we could actualy build a nice and clean application that will run an any android device.


I created a temp forum on my hosting for testing purposes and will be using that one for testing.
now, I've been looking in to several ways to get this started and I've found out that there is no native mysql support for Java, keep it in mind that android doesn't use the actual oracle JRE but a trimmed down version that runs on a Dalvik VM. wrote:
Android uses the Dalvik virtual machine with just-in-time compilation to run Dalvik dex-code (Dalvik Executable), which is usually translated from Java bytecode

there are 2 options that can be considered:
1. a PHP shell that will work as a webservice
something like:

2. the MySqlConnector for java from MySql
This one is not recommended by mosts sites and review as the client is directly connected to the Database

I think the first option will be the best since the Developers of this Application don't need to know the internals of the forum. instead they will address a PHP API that will return the requested data in JSON format.

I've looked at the PHP API that is provided in the link and it only holds 4 rahter small PHP files so it should be doable.

another surplus is that this way the android Application can be fully open source and we could even start a public GIT project.

I've PM'd Bondings if wants to consider and if he does I'll start up a Git repository.
volunteers are more then welcome to Team up.

... to be continued...

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a mobile version of the forum would be much better and less work for everybody.

but no harm in doing it.
badai on Fri Oct 05, 2012 9:38 am

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