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SciFi Movies

While many movies fall under the catagory of "My Top Ten", there are three SciFi moveis that stand out, indeed, stand on the shoulders of the rest. If you believe that any thing is possible, yet believe the suspension of disbelief should be kept to the minimum, relagated to the wonders or evils of what could be believed... Well, for me the first movie is "2001, A Space Odyssey. Beautifully believable with the twist of there is something out there. Will it help us see wonders beyond belief? Read the short story, "The Sentinal", then read the book "2001, A Space Odyssey". Both were written by A. C. Clarke. One of the best writers of scienc fiction who took science fact and gave it a fictional twist that could be a hopeful dream. Along the same lines, "Contact", the second movie, exists. A bit less believable in the science fact, yet no less believable in the concept that "We" are not alone in this Universe. Indeed, we really are all made of stars. For me it is an inconcievable concept that the only place in all the universe that Life exists is on the planet earth. Come on, do you really believe otherwise? Do you? OK.
The last on the list of the three, "Blade Runner". Knowing that genetic splicing is here for a fact (and genitic profiling is not far off, unfortunately.), it is not too far a concept to be believed that humans will genetically enhance a, I hesitate to say, "sub" species of the human race? Markedly better in traits that the normal humans posses. Yeah, it's alright to set these animals to work for us. They were designed and engineered to do the stuff mere humans couldn't do. Yet because they were so enhanced, it wouldn't do to have them be anything but slaves. We couldn't control them for long once they figured out they were superior to the race that made them. So let's give them a four year life span, kill them before the are the wiser. I mean, really, what would it be like to call the human race, "God"? This is where the fact meets the fiction and the fiction turns around to bite the fact on the ass. And all this was supposed in the cinema of say, twenty seven years ago. Some of the most memorable quotes in moviedom came from "Blade Runner".
2001 had, "Open the pod bay doors, Hal.", "I think you should take a stress pill, Dave." and "My god, it's full of stars!" Where "Contact" is lacking in memorable quotes, "Blade Runner" more than makes up for the lack. "It isn't easy to live in fear is it...", "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe...", "I don't know why he let me live...", "It's too bad she won't live. But then again, who does?"
Certainly not believable science fiction.

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