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How to pray (Part 1)

So far, I've argued that if the Christian God is the one described in the Bible, then the argument that you have to be a Christian to go to heaven is not logical and not supported by my reading of the Bible. On the other hand, I've argued that the only way to get to heaven is indeed by following Jesus's command: Love God, and love one another. I argued that this is "common sense". We know it. We're told it almost everyday in different ways. I also said that we cannot really love one another if we don't love God but I've yet to explain why I said that. I suggest that this is why Jesus came: to remind us of this primary purpose in our lives. This is the only route to heaven: love God and love one another, and you'll get to heaven. There's no other way. And because Jesus lived his life loving God and loving us, following Jesus means just that - living your life with love. And we can see that people do that, and are expected to do that, in the Bible long before Jesus came and that everywhere there are people, that's the way we should be living.

The problem is, we avoid this simple truth. And so, we put up alternatives. Alternatives that help us to justify our misdeeds. The Ten Commandment is a good example to explain this. Jesus effectively condemned the ten commandments in his Sermon on the Mount. And his main contention is that unless it comes from the heart, the rules mean nothing. It's not that the rules are wrong but that the issue here is not whether or not we follow rules but whether or not we're in touch with who we are.

In a sense, you don't need religion. And all religions are flawed. If you recognise that, then it doesn't matter which religion you follow. And regardless of which religion you follow, the mandate remains the same: Love God and love one another.

But this is easier said than done. We struggle with our lives. I don't have to prove this. If you're not struggling with your life, just talk to someone else. We're all struggling, one way or another. The answer to all our troubles is to pray. We know what we should do, how we should live. Now, the one help we need to actually do this, live our lives fully, is to pray. This is how we get in touch with God and how we can share in His love.

I suggested in the previous post that all you have to do is to find a quiet place, focus on your breathing and calm down. You are now with God. He is always there. You just haven't met Him yet. To meet Him, just calm your mind. Spend time with Him, just breathing and being aware.

Like I said, this has been scientifically proven (although the explanations may be different and may not acknowledge God) and is practiced in psychology and in many religions. It's also called meditation, and again, people embellish it and claim it to be something else. The basic idea is to just calm your mind and be mindful.

There's more, of course. But as I've taken so long just to warm up, I'll have to do this in another post (just to keep to some word limit I have about how long a post can be).

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