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Getting to know God

In the previous post, I argued that the Biblical God is supposed to be the God of everything, and therefore cannot be constrained within any one religion. Even according to the Bible, God judged Adam and Eve, Noah, and so on to Abraham before the Jewish nation was created by Isreal (Jacob). Then, many years and generations went by before God gave Moses the Ten Commandments and several more generations went by before Jesus came. Jesus preached for only 3 years, and the Christian faith, however much we want to claim for it, is only one of several other faiths and beliefs in the world. If God is the God that is described in the Bible, then He is God of everything and everyone. Nothing less. To say that only Christians can go to heaven, to me, contradicts what is written in the Bible.

The other argument I have for believing that the Christian God is God of everyone, regardless of your religion and even whether or not you believe in anything, is that the moral principle that Jesus provided is the right (universal?) principle to live by, again, whether or not you believe it or want to believe it. Love God and love one another. The word love here is also clearly understood and does not have to be explained. Yes, you may start to argue over it, but I think the arguments are spurious, by people who just want to avoid the truth. You know what it means as soon as you hear it. In any language. The principle is intuitive and likely to be taught to you by your parents or grandparents. It is found in most accepted religions today.

The key here is love. Act out of real love, and your actions are likely to be morally correct. Act for any other reason, even as an act to prove that you are a moral person, then the act is likely to be flawed in some way. The principle here is greater than any written moral law and does not need to be elaborated to be understood. It is inherent in us. That's why it doesn't matter whether or not you are a Christian or whether or not you are born before or after Christ and whether or not you have heard of or experienced Christ.

Most people would agree with this, but then disagree when the notion of God is brought into the picture. We can love one another without having to believe in God, let alone love Him. Or can we? I will suggest we cannot. But I will discuss that in another post. For this post, I want to present a somewhat unique and perhaps boringly ordinary way to experience God.

It's this simple. Sit down somewhere and make yourself comfortable. Breathe in and out slowly and let your mind settle down. Focus on your breathing and notice that you will experience a state of calm. If you don't, keep practicing. You will. This is scientific fact. Slow down your breathing and you will experience calmness. In this state of calmness, you are experiencing the presence of God. That calmness is God acting in you.

Now, I know that to a skeptic, this sounds ridiculous. It is a natural biological process. Slow down your breathing and you will feel calm. What has this to do with God? The thing is this. Science has shown (and you can experience this yourself) that you are more likely to come up with good solutions to your problems in life when you are in that state. Psychologists call this mindfulness, Buddhists call this detachment, my grandmother simply says count to 10 before you do anything stupid. Slow down your breathing, calm yourself down, and the right answers will come to you. Don't try to figure out your problems. Indeed, try not to even think about them at all. And without doing anything, just practicing calm, you will solve most if not all of your problems. Not only that, you will be healthier and be more content with your life. You will receive much wisdom. All you have to do is to practice slow breathing and experience calmness. You don't have to be a Christian to do this and it works everytime.

So, everytime you want to experience God, just do this. Sit down somewhere, slow down your breathing and focus on your breathing until you experience calm. If you find this hard, there are a vast number of books and literature (and even people who will be happy to guide you) to help you do this. Make yourself comfortable, relax and experience the calmness of God.

Easy, yes? Now, at this point, you can still remain skeptical. It doesn't matter. It works anyway. And yes, you have a right to expect that experiencing God is much more than this. It is. But this is the main experience and the first experience. Until you can do this, the rest is unlikely to come to you, and even if they do happen to you, may not be as helpful to you in the long run. We will talk about prayer and other stuff later. But for this first step, if you want to experience God, this is all you need to do.

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