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How Jesus saved the world

The purpose of this blog category is to share my perhaps unique understanding of Jesus Christ. I am a Christian, but not the typical kind of Christian you generally meet. While my views differ from the general understanding we have of Christianity, I have found that they are accepted by mainstream Christianity. In particular, the Anglican church, to which I belong. I suggest that my version helps to explain how Christianity is practiced and why the Western world, historically based on Christianity, is so tolerant of other religions but critical of Christianity itself. I suggest that this self-criticism is reflective of Jesus's own behaviour, and is central to what Jesus preached.

To begin, I will repeat some of my earlier arguments. First of all, the Christian God is supposed to be the creator of the universe. The source of the Big Bang, if you like. Everything came from Him. A singular source. This God is the God of the Bible, God of the Jews and God of the Muslim faith. In the Bible, He was God of Adam and Eve, of Noah, all the way to Abraham. Isreal came later, through Jacob. The point is, if we are to believe in God, then the Bible clearly shows that God is God of everyone. Not just the Jews. Yes, the Jews were the chosen ones. But chosen to be the genealogy of Jesus. There's nothing in the Bible, as far as I can tell, where God said that only the Jews will go to heaven and the rest of mankind condemned.

The rules that govern human behavior were not invented with the ten commandments. They were applicable from Adam himself. How can there be an original sin of Adam if there were no commandments? How can Cain be condemned if there were no written commandments? In fact, if I'm not mistaken, God only gave Moses the ten commandments because the Jews wanted it. God didn't want to give it. And one of the first things Jesus did was to attack the ten commandments (at the sermon on the mount).

Indeed, morality was deemed by the Greeks to be a natural law. And immoral behavior like bestiality was unnatural. Committing sin, like murder, wasn't just immoral, it was going against human nature.

So, when Jesus came to save us, his mission wasn't just to save the Jews (although they were a priority) but to save the entire mankind. And the way he intended it to happen wasn't to create a new religion but to free us from religion. His message was: Love God and love one another. Everything else stems from that. Once you recognize that, you will know what to do and what not to do. His mission on earth wasn't to eliminate sin, or disease, or give us a new religion or commandments to live by. It was simply to remind us that we were created out of love, that our sole desire and purpose is to love and to be loved, and to demonstrate through his life what love means. He asked his disciples to spread the good news. He had come to free us from the bondage of religion. We can now live freely, as God intended us to live, all along. Jesus didn't ask anyone to write the Bible, build churches or form a new religion. He simply asked his disciples to spread the good news. And the people he condemned the most were the very people who represented the Jewish religion. How come nobody found that strange? And is it not strange that we are doing the very thing he condemned by insisting on the Christian religion as the pathway to heaven?

I think Jesus meant to remind us of who we are and tell us how to live our lives. Understood that way, that life is about love and that we are to live our lives with love as our focus, then, indeed, I don't think you can go to heaven any other way. And I do indeed believe that we cannot truly love one another if we do not, in some deep and perhaps even unconscious way, acknowledge that there is God.

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