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[#2] Addons for Firefox: Youtube Center

Hello folks!

Today I am going to show you one of my favourite extensions for a browser I have ever had. Well, to be honest I do not care about majority of add-ons - they are available: that is fine, I will get them. But this one, well, it deserves to be liked!

It is Youtube Center created and developed by YePpHa.

The add-on allows doing a great deal of performace and graphic changes to Youtube. The most wanted feature it has it that you can disable Youtube's recently introduced Dash playback. In short, the Dash technology makes Youtube experience slower and sometimes annoying, as it, for example, does not allow you to pause the clip and wait for browser to download it completely before watching it. If you want to know more about it, you can search via Google. Most of the extension's users will surely love the download feature that allows you to simply and safely copy a clip to your local disk. There are far more fuctionalities I didn't describe here, I ensure you Smile

You can find download links below. After installing you should refresh Youtube page and an intro screen will pop-up explaining you how to start using the add-on.

I tried to make a list of things you would love to have turned on/off with the Youtube Center but I think that everyone's preferences will be different from others' so I recommend you spend a ten or fifteen minutes customizing the optionsyourself once you have installed the extension. Believe me, it fixes a lot of Youtube unwanted features. Most of the of the extension's options have a questionmark next to it so you can check what and which option does.

The most basic things you want to have is to:
- Remove Advertisements in General tab,
- Dash Playback turned off in Player and External players tabs,
- Auto Hide Bar set to Both Progressbar & Controlbar,
- all the Branding stuff turned off in Player tab,
- Auto Lights Off in UI/Lights Off tab


Allows disabling default Dash playback,
Has enormous amount of Youtube customization options,
Extends Youtube default features,
Most of the advanced options are explained

Once you will love and get used to it, you will hate using Youtube on browsers without this addon, like when being at friend's house Smile,
The multitude of options makes the customization menu a bit messy


Download Youtube Center
● for Mozilla Firefox
(compatible with version 24.0)

● for Chrome
(required some manual installing, I think)

● for Opera
(versions 15 and above)

● for Opera
(older versions)


I hope you enjoyed it. As this is my first attempt to make pretty and legible Frihost blog post, please, be understanding and tell me whether you like the post topic itself and the graphic style I tried to apply here
Regards and see you soon

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Great tutorial Gregoric I'll definitely try it out. Cool
deanhills on Sat Oct 05, 2013 10:58 pm

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