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Students Unionists neutrality...

The following article is an uncomplete version of a comment, written by Martin Pöcher/University of Klagenfurt/Austria, focusing on the general Trend of cutting funds for educational porposes by the Austrian government. But also on the failure of the official Austrian Students Union "ÖH" in this case.
Martin Pöcher is chairman of a regional Students Faction on Klagenfurt Campus, called "Die Brut").

This few sentences are a personal comment on the rumours of the imminent closure of the "Media and Communications" Institute at Klagenfurt University.

I do not like to write aricles that are "pro University". But in this case, Students Unionists act that unclever and dumb, that I have to say, that it may be not so bad, if this Institute would be closed for good.
Media and communications mabybe is dislocated in Klagenfurt, cause there are no such Jobs in Carinthia. Also, all Students studying for now, have the chance to graduate, so don´t panic.

Dont´t get me wrong. I am for a "universal" University at Klagenfurt. I am for the best educational standards in Carinthia and the Austrian Universities in general. But who really knows, what was decided behind closed doors on the so called "Strategiegruppe". Surely not the non present Students Unionists, who now are crying. And all the tumoli because one limelight hog (Dekan B.) cold not keep his mouth closed.
Now the whole game starts another time:
Leftist demagogues scream: Protest!
Rightist demagogues scream: Lazy scum! Don´t protest, study. For we could not enforce labor camps for now...
That´s what we call politics in this country. Great!

The Students Elections are nearing. "Die Brut" will offer an alternative.

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