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Obama pick UNC!

Stupid people really piss me off. The Final Four is over and the economy still sucks. Some of my co workers are still bitching about the whole Obama taking 30 minutes out of his day to fill out a damn tournament bracket. “He should be fixing the government and not wasting taxpayer’s money filling out a bracket.” Are you serious? 30 minutes? 30 minutes? Is the man not supposed to have a life? Those 30 minutes he burnt didn’t cost anyone a damn thing and call me stupid but I don’t think that the 30 minutes he spent doing the bracket affected the national deficit. I see the ground that he lost in that 30 minutes toward a final solution. The hypocrisy of this matter is these same individuals spent more time than that here at work filling out their brackets for the office pool. Can the man take a lunch? Can the man stop and watch TV? Can he take a few minutes that everyone needs now and then to decompress. The last person that needs to be tense is the man who has the button. If the media had shown him spending that same 30 minutes outside pushing his kid on the swing set, would we even be having this conversation? Not. Really, really, be for real people get a life.

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