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I'm tired of poor design.

I'm a hypocrite and that's for sure but I am so tired of ill designed websites. Some with clearly no sense in color choices and others with lack of organization and just put everything where ever and hope users find what they are looking for. Most of all I hate it when you have no idea where to navigate to find what you are looking for and when the search feature gives you the worst results.

So please if you are designing a website first pick out good colors with a normal background of white and black or dark font or a dark color for background with white font and keep the design simple but aesthetic and have it so that the navigation is CLEAR AND IN SIGHT like on this forum you see it's at the top, nice and I can find it and I know exactly where I'm going to go with the links.

Secondly I'd like to state: PLEASE PLEASE STOP STEALING CONTENT FROM OTHER PEOPLE. Don't use graphics that aren't yours unless it is freeware and for banners at least get somebody who knows how to make them to make it. READ TUTORIALS PEOPLE READ! LEARN, PRACTICE!

Don't bash me, because I do practice and learn and try my best and take criticism. But for goodness sakes some websites I see (Not on this forum) are TERRIBLE in design it's like did you just walk into a dark room with random paints or are you color blind because I don't know which is worse.

Next STOP WITH THE TINY FONTS! It seriously strains the eyes and I don't want to have to keep using the zoom features of a browser just so I can read your site.

Finally, PLEASE and I really do BEG YOU to STOP TRYING TO MAKE WEBSITES WITH A TON OF GRAPHICS, crap even though my connection isn't a dial up, can you STOP WITH THE HEAVY GRAPHICS, I WANT THE CONTENT NOT YOUR GRAPHICS. (If you are a graphics site please ignore :])

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You, my friend, have just ranted about MySpace Razz

(implying that all of the things you ranted against appear in most myspace profiles)

I agree with all your points. I've re-coded my website entirely, and this time stuck with a clean, pleasing to the eye interface. Nothing too fancy, and the entire design uses just 3 graphics - header image, bullet image and an image for blockquote. Take a look -
tidruG on Tue Sep 04, 2007 12:33 pm
I agree with most of your points as well. However, I like dark looking sites.. tho granted.. a good deal of "dark" colored sites do like rather bad.. I keep mine looking rather nice (with lots lighter greys (that are still dark) but still brighten it up some.

And...I like small fonts -_-
m-productions on Tue Sep 04, 2007 4:54 pm
I think that if you do use small fonts a very visible “increase font” button or link must be made available so people who can't see very well don't leave immediately.
jylan on Tue Sep 11, 2007 5:01 am

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