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What is Customer Service?

Let's start with the basics. Good morning (or afternoon/evening), today we're going to explain why customer service matters. I'm sure that everyone, in some way, has an opinion on why customer service matters, and how it effects them in their lives. I'm also sure that everyone, in some way, has a personal definition of customer service.

Today's post is going to be about what, exactly, customer service is. First, let's look at a definition on

Main Entry: customer service
Part of Speech: n
Definition: assistance and other resources that a company provides to the people who buy or use its products or services

This, while being completely accurate in a purely minimalist point of view, isn't what I think of when I think of customer service. The definition in this instance isn't wrong, it just doesn't explain what Customer Service is, in layman terms.

My, personal definition, for Customer Service is this:

Any time you call, write, e-mail or otherwise interact with a customer, consumer, or a person that is in someway obtaining a service or good from the company you work for; be it yourself, or a larger corporation, in a way that represents that company, positively or negatively, is Customer Service.

Now, it might not make sense at first, since it's a little hard to swallow that anything done with a customer will fall under Customer Service, but that's how it is. When you work for someone else, or even yourself, with someone for any of the goods and services that your company offers, you are constantly giving that person an image. This image should say "We are the best for your money, and the best is what you deserve." Not "You get what we give you, or you can go somewhere else."

Remember, every company is out there to make money, so if you're not making that possible, then you're not doing your job right, and those people will most likely go somewhere else. Somewhere where they feel appreciated, respected, and are treated like a person, or even a friend.

Tomorrow I'm going to be pointing out a small list of sites that offer stories or other humorous antidotes about customer service.
Saturday, we're going to discuss ways that you can give good customer service, even on a bad day.
Sunday, well, who knows? That's a couple days away. I think I'll be explaining "Thank you" in response to a negative occurrence. That's tentative though, as something else might come up.

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