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To-done List

Monday, monday can be blue day or one for organizing. There is finally one page completely uploaded and working. It will however never be complete. So it is a good thing at the very least that we can say it exists.

This week the plan is to bring the page to a point where it is not the main focus but this week it will be. The second week therefore will be a week to focus on making a page I've been working on all last week finished in the sense that is not demanding all my attention.

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Just noticed your Avatar has changed. Do like the new look. And of course the artistic input in the Website as well. Particularly the blog section. Well done Watson ... Cool
deanhills on Mon Apr 15, 2013 12:36 pm
I'm glad you commented Dean, I was wondering what words of wisdom I would add this time. Of course I will not puppet to the name you used except to say only what concerns us relating to the most rudimentary aspects of any subject. Laughing

This journal as it is now being referred to more frequently than blog has evolved a little for me, I think. It functions slightly more like a reminder system. In this case, a time period of one week -> so to keep track of time.

It is so nice that someone supplied a date in here.
Bluedoll on Tue Apr 16, 2013 10:55 am
Haha .... can imagine you would never ever be a puppet to anything, so apologies, name withdrawn. Laughing

I hate keeping track of time. I agree it is a motivation of a kind and pushes things along, but puts stress on a person as well. OK for work, but not for when I'm working on hobbies.
deanhills on Tue Apr 16, 2013 7:42 pm
I think you are probably right. This last week though as been somewhat of a puzzle and was hoping to get to some conclusion. Perhaps there isn't one? A work in progress of some sort, hobby is a good choice perhaps. Maybe, there shouldn't be an ending. Smile
Bluedoll on Wed Apr 17, 2013 12:04 am
One week goes very fast especially on things you thought would not take too long but do! Brick wall
Bluedoll on Fri Apr 19, 2013 4:14 pm
No! Don't run into a wall! It just means you'll have to adjust your plans a bit, reevaluate your timeline for what you want to do. You never know how long it will take you to do something unless you try, or research the heck out of it... Keep going!
TheGremlyn on Fri Apr 19, 2013 5:25 pm
Right! I know how much time it takes. Lots. I am going to have to look once again how much time I want to spend at what. - good suggestion thanks Smile
Bluedoll on Sat Apr 20, 2013 9:37 am

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