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Trivial things

Gathering points for me is not a crucial part of my day but it is a hobby. The little number after Points tells me things. Right now it reads Points: 47.90, Frih$: 0.00, Coins: 1152.03 it also tells me the total number of Posts: 1928 is the number.

The strange thing is when I logged in, I am sure it said 50, no no now that I think more about this perhaps it said 45, yes I think it did. Anyway, I was wondering why it had gone down instead of up but I was wrong about that, yes I think it was originally 45.

Well, I am certainly glad I labeled this new topic trivial things and not this is important. Laughing

In any case what the numbers do for me is it gives me an idea of where I am at as far as this blog is concerned. My goal is to be consistent and use it for my personal training for being a blog user. Happy about that.

My other goal of course is to create another topic category where I will write about something that interests me other than "a blog" usage. Coming soon I hope.

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It is back to 45:00. Oh yes, I remember now it resets and the rest is converted to coins.

Points: 45.00, Frih$: 0.00, Coins: 1155.84
Post: 1930

Can I think of more things to talk about that are really not too important to appear in this blog? Not certain but let this post serve as a prompt to action. It is Sunday and for me a day of relaxing but maybe it is time to think about that new category more seriously? Otherwise, even I might get a little anxious after all it is not such a huge deal to come up with. Thinking....
Bluedoll on Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:36 am
I more or less always know what my points are as I like to keep them above 45 and am focused on that, but when I was on holiday a couple of weeks ago, I did not keep track. When I finally returned to posting last Tuesday after two weeks away, the points were much less than I thought they would be. The first couple of days or so of my holiday when I could not get to Frihost I felt as though something was missing, but after a while I was too busy with day to day holidaying to think too much about it. Hence why I probably underestimated my points below 45 when I returned.

I don't really care what the number of my posts is. If someone should ask me what it is, I'll probably completely flunk the question. The only time when it is important is when there are numbers I don't like and want to get away from, or a landmark number coming up. I thought 10,000 was quite a big number to achieve. Maybe 15,000 as well.
deanhills on Sun Mar 10, 2013 1:01 pm
When I came back from an absence it was in the red. I think if I remember correctly - 200 or around there that is when I decided to come everyday and put in a blog post. It has done me a lot of good for now if I decide to make my own web page and have it as a blog at least I've already developed the habit.

Shouldn't you do something with all those Coins, Deanhills? I should maybe as well. Anyway, numbers will not go down now, not as long as I keep up with the everyday thing. This has been #1933 post.
Bluedoll on Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:05 pm

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