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God Bless America

I am not even an American only a neighbour but hey, I figure the world can use all the help it can get and it seems to me that in the past when things got needy in the world, the Americans went there. Do I think every American is perfect or the country is perfect and never does very dumb and regretful things? No way, but who is?

I have known personally a few Americans that helped me when I needed help and I will never forget their kindness. Never.

So, God, please bless America.

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Do I think every American is perfect or the country is perfect and never does very dumb and regretful things?

I'm not perfect, not even remotely close! On behalf of all Americans, thank you! Razz Twisted Evil Brick wall
standready on Thu May 24, 2012 3:10 am
Hear hear Bluedoll. Second all of that. I've had some great times during my visits there and am grateful for all the help I have received during those visits. Only part that may do with a little improvement are the guys in Customs and Immigration. But for the rest, almost 100% of it was great.
deanhills on Thu May 24, 2012 1:57 pm
Thanks, Bluedoll. America seems to need all the help it can get right now. On the whole, we seem to have been more lucky than bright in recent decades.

Among other things, Americans are often accused by other cultures of being arrogant. I don't think we are really more self-centered than other cultures, but relating to others seems to be more important to us than it is to others, whereas we often fail to widen our perspective.

Often when Americans travel, they are told by others that Americans in general are arrogant, but of course add quickly that "that doesn't apply to you, of course" or that "we don't dislike you, just your government's policies". Sometimes I worder how sincere the denials of inclusion are.

In any case, I do appreciate hearing a kind word from a neighbor to the North.

PS. I do not, of course, speak for all Americans; maybe not even for a significant minority of them. Perhaps it's just as well; I do suffer often from foot-in-mouth disease.
SonLight on Fri May 25, 2012 2:11 am
What Should I say .. and what could i say !

when i saw this topic my mind moved to my memories from 9/11 till now .. .

from the day when that Christianity war dramatically started against Islam.. i never dreamed or wished to see any piece of that country land.. I just stopped...
but i realized and know that the mind behind the scenario is big cruel and outstanding evil .. .
when i see drowns daily falling on my motherland and killing 40 to 50 children and elders.
when i see cars bombs killing dozens in Iraq .. Afghanistan and Pakistan ..
And when i see, a most corrupt person or a dictator army general get the presidency seat with bogus election or F__king Marshal Law and American support keep them ruining (not running) the country leadership and development ..
I saw my generals bowing on knee to America and let them use our airports so they can drop bombs over innocent villagers in west northern Pakistan.

1st the America make poor countries needy and greedy by bribing their rulers to get loan from IMF by that their people lives are sold to IMF and world bank, buying their crops and food growth then sells it to their people on international/american $ rates..

what the hell ..
I see an American terrorist and Head of Black-water (Agency who is Involved in Major Terrorism in Pakistan) Ramond Davis Killing 3 people brutally on a busy road of Lahore and Judiciary becoming handcuffed against government's dealing.
I see theirs Wives Suicidal deaths..

A see my american resident Sister in Religion sentenced to jail for 86 years without a reason just because she saved her self by shooting but not killing a soldier who tried to rape her.
I see her two little children waiting for their mother at their aunts home.

I see an American Chopper Illegally comes and killed my country's 30 soldier on a border without a reason, even our government is fighting with their army for 11 long years on a so-called war against terrorism ..
(Words from an american army's commander: We are After a Booggyman )

I see their Movies their cartoons their comics and Advanced History telling Muslims are bad people..

How come i could say God Bless America .. ?

But May God Bless Each and Every one their.. .
AsadAnsari on Sat Jun 16, 2012 10:35 pm
But let me tell you something from the dept of my heart..

I actually dont hate Americans or that country by any anger reason ..
I Just don't like their nude culture ..
Most of family their are not letting their children specially girls becoming behave or react like sluts American models or dress like them.
they mostly wear nice and sober half long and loose dresses which covers most of the Satar ( Body place to be covered ) and that is comfortable for the wearer and viewers to.. like mostly Muslim women wears in east Asian countries like Malaysia or Indonesia.

I Just hate the happening .. the false reaction from general western Media n people on fake 9/11 Incident.

But the good things comming up are people are getting aware by protesters who are scratching the real matter behind 911 .. And few Military soldiers become Muslim and Accept Islam during the this artificial war against terrorism.
because they saw they were getting used by brutal orders..
they've got court marshaled but they pull stand on their decision ..

Long Live The World and its Peace .. but may not the American / Jews, Think-tanks..
AsadAnsari on Sun Jun 17, 2012 8:38 pm
One thing i wana discuss here ..

I don't Believe ghost or any thing between human and ghost..
my mother went N.Y last year and she went there alone ..
she had to find place to stay don't remember the whole story she told me but she said because some reason she had to.
she was worried and standing some where and a guy came .. and asked you need a place to stay ?
my mother said yes and he take her to some apartment and show her a place it was not a 5star or 2 star condo but it was a sufficient room and place to stay..
so she stayed there for few day alone he went and never returned ..
but before he leaved my mother told him that how long she gonna stay there .. the payment matter was done but he denied to take it that time till the day she'll leave .
he went but never returned ..
my mother was worried .. there were some stuff, old but Branded and very good in condition.. it was whole wrapped in plastic covers. .
my mother didn't touched or took any thing from there but she took some picture of shoes and clothes in wardrobe . few days were spent and the she had to leave someone in the ally told her that the person who lived there was murdered last year and he was a gangster kind a person..
next day she left that place and locked it and didn't turned back .. he didn't come back and she returned to London ..
I demanded the mobile she had in her hand and i saw those shoes pictures .. i asked are those for me ? did you forget to bring them.. ?
she was trying not to tell me .. but after few days she told me the matter..
I still don't believe on Ghost and any thing between human and them but that story doesn't fits in my mind !Question
he might showed himself died and living a simple honest ghost life .. I have heard people are live in this way in America ..
I Assume.. Blah Blah ..
AsadAnsari on Mon Jun 18, 2012 7:55 pm

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