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Screen cleaning

I use a soft clean cloth to dust only carefully and use a very soft pressure. Actually when I think about it the old monitors with hardened glass were much more resilient. I think the problem is scratching on the now plastic surface of the newer flat screens. I wonder if they will last as long as those old tube monitors of course some of those like everything else had long life or very short ones too. Anyway I use a damp cloth sparingly if there are any spots from some flying food particle or whatever. Why do we do that? Eat in front of our computer screens?

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I just bought a new LED (an hour ago) - still to be installed. Not sure how I will clean it as the surface that I saw demonstrated looked pretty delicate. It's a Samsung 150 Syncmaster LED.

I chose Samsung as the Syncmaster series are non-reflective. Kinder on the eyes. I really wonder why they make the cord that goes from the monitor to the computer so short! Probably need to get a longer one first before I can install it. The cord of my present LCD is really old, can't even begin to get the screws loose, so will leave it as is.

What prompted my purchase finally after two years of procrastination was that my 15 inch monitor (still in great working order) just became too small. I've just subscribed to an online course for Web design and the course has been designed for 20 inch monitors. My 15 inch Samsung is much too small. It was no longer a luxury but a necessity to get a larger screen. This is what the 15 inch looks like.

What monitor do you have?
deanhills on Fri May 11, 2012 8:31 pm
When my 14 year old 17 inch monitor gave out, it went out with a bang! Colors went funky then POP and flames shot several inches out the top. Good thing my chair is on roller. I rolled acrossed the room then dove for the main power switch.
Now I have an Acer 18 inch wide screen LCD. I clean with damp cloth with power off.
standready on Sat May 12, 2012 2:29 am
Aha .... power must be off. Will remember that. I hear ACER is quite good. I was looking for 19 inches, but was quite in a hurry to buy.
deanhills on Sat May 12, 2012 2:42 pm
Microfibre cloths are a wonderful thing for screens... just make sure you store them in a clean bag or container, as any particles that get caught in them can scratch the screen.

So far, I haven't had longevity issues with my LCD screens. I have a couple 17" that I've been running for about 5.5 years now with no signs of wearing out. Usually by this time with my old CRTs some issues would have arisen, whether it be spots of odd colour, image skewing, flickering, high pitched whining noises or what have you. All in all they seem to be better technology.
Ankhanu on Sun May 13, 2012 3:11 pm
Did purchase a tv/monitor (good price) that is beautiful but it does depend on the signal. Some old movies from the cable provider are better in the smaller screen mode size but some fit the wide screen.

Also, I bought a more expensive cord. It went to a different connection on the faster computer and it improved the graphics (it is like a usb connector). Ive been using it for a video game and dvds.

My monitor is like your old one Dean. I have a couple of computers for different purposes.

The flames shot out standready not good. I was surprised how hot these flat screens get and they are without a fan. You can feel the heat radiate if they are on a long time.

They might be better for us too as far a radio emissions go, Im not sure Ankhanu but you seem to be on the ball, a microfibre cloth eh, must look for that perhaps. There are always changes so maybe by the time they do go out there will be something else for us to get excited about.
Bluedoll on Tue May 15, 2012 10:43 pm

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