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Our striving for perfection!

Our goals will determine what kinds of things we need to embody on our website. How we do this will determine if the site is just average or noteworthy. Without a clear focus on specific goals, our site will never arrive at its destination or it's capability. We should do more than explore our goals, because let’s assume for a moment that our goals and focus are in place and we now require ourselves to work on content, design, and the organization of the web site so to produce a good website. We do need an abundance of well-written content and can either produce something unique, or choose to offer a particular perspective on something. We could for example, simply link items in a unique way, but we do also need to have content that is original, meritorious and helpful. Our site is presenting itself to an audience so how we present it by design will determine if our site provides a good visual impression or poor one. If we consider the content, our design and presentation of it will follow. How we organize the content of the site material into sections, subsections, will help people new to the site discovery what they are seeking more efficiently. Organization is much more important than having a site that simply looks nice. Perhaps our site will never be perfect but that does not have to stop us from trying to make it better.

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Goals are good, but I think you need to be passionate about what you want to do. When I am passionate about a subject, then all of the goals seem to fall into place by themselves. When you are passionate about the subject, I'm sure it will be reflected in your writing, and communicate itself to your visitors. Very Happy
deanhills on Sat May 21, 2011 2:35 am
My feelings exactly. I want to passionate about what you want to do too. I am completely done listening to anyone tell me I need to be non – anything. Although, I never want to go off the deep end and loose my sensibilities, I mean such a thing might happen if we let anger creep in to our objectives and rationality’s. Though everything even anger I think used in the proper measure and controlled can be of some value. But I think you are right. I just do not want to emulate or end up like some cold dark manipulative non feeling writer with a careful watch on every word. Passion may bring me closer to emotional writing but I am ok with that, in fact, sometimes I welcome it. I am not a great writer but if somehow I get just a portion of what I feel and to some degree understand then I am happy.
Bluedoll on Thu Jun 16, 2011 2:02 pm

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