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The page is for?

Another important piece of advice you may run across involving getting your web page actually looked at by someone is to go out and look for someone to read it, I guess. I read somewhere the idea is to post in forums where others may look at your post and go wow, I must take a look at that since this is really what I’ve been searching for like half my life. Does this actually happen? It seems more likely to me people that post actually too busy posting themselves to really read anything you might be linking too? Maybe not, unless of course, someone sees the link is interesting enough to click on.

Ok, by now, if you are reading these paragraphs you may have detected a slight amount of sarcasm being used. If you are not reading this, then it really doesn’t matter does it? This post in that case is only my meager attempt at sarcastic humour, the poorest form of humour by the way, created only for myself enjoyment. We can call that blogging.

All in all, if a I really want to state something it would be that I honestly believe that making a web page public enough to be read by an audience of more than one (me) is hugely difficult? To actually connect up with other people by the use of a web page might be almost in my humble opinion an insurmountable problem.

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