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Consideration of a website

Ok, today there is going to be a change made. I’ve decided to change my mind. The title of this category will be changed. I am changing it from contest to web site.

It seems to me as we struggle with different ideas we need to come up with solutions. Edit is a wonderful tool and for me a necessary one.

There is a feature on Frihost to create a website? Wow, only been posting on the forum for like a 10,000 years and just learned this now. Well, not really but maybe it is time to make a little change here and actually do a little website creation?

There are some concerns however that I have about website.

1. What really makes someone read your web page?
2. Have something of value on the page?
3. How to you publish it like the use key words in your meta tags?

Ok, I have considered about what can make a web page popular? I am not sure where this subject is going but I might end up being an expert on this topic. Do I want to be? I don’t think so. But here goes a few thoughts on the subject, anyway.

When I say expert, I do not mean I was good at making web pages popular. What I mean is that it is an interest of mine. You can spend a lot of time thinking all about the internet. I do not think I want to be an authority at how not to make a web page popular. That’s not so good so maybe it is time to research it?

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