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End biased moderation?

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Bikerman says:
I'll explain:

Un-logical explanations perhaps! Your previous post contained illogical points all refuted. Now you follow with this argument which is unrelated to your first? Very poor indeed!
When you talk

Yes, you got that right when I talk! I talk not you! You should keep your posts to your arguments and not write for me! That is dishonest. State your arguments and let me state my arguments. You do not talk for me.
about the 'religious view of God' you are talking about your own questionable understanding of one notion of one possible God.

Not logical as it is presumptuous. I talk about almighty God. There are no others gods worth mentioning. Much of what I write will be of my own understandings, of course. Sometimes I am wrong, sometimes I am right that is true however God's judgements are always right.
Do you not think that other religions have God(s)?

Really don't care ole boy.
Since you admit

Not admitting, stating, big difference.
to knowing little about other religions then you also know little about the 'religious view of God'.

This is false and not logical. It implies that only religions can know God. Simply not true since it is based on a false assumption. It is a not logical since the assumption is false.
You just know a little bit about one religious view of the many possible Gods.

You have no way of determining what I know and do not know. There is only one God period. The proof for this will not exist in the confines of this topic.
To make this determination based on one statement I made is completely scientifically lacking. Knowing how all the religions view this topic would require a lot of time and research. Therefore, I simply stated that I didn't have all this data. Hardly an indication of what I know or do not know. Your statements in your posts imply a very weak argument. If you are going to push for the scientific argument you should at least set a more convincing argument and logical present it. This post and the post previous falls short of anything logical. You said you wanted your mistakes shown. Take a look at what you are doing now instead of going off on one of you temper tampering and perhaps you can see how poor your arguments actually are.
Therefore when you make general statements about the 'religious view of God' you should specify that you mean a particular Christian view of the Judeo-Christian God, since you don't know enough to make more general statements.

Not sufficient. You can not know what I know. What I do write however is in disagreement with your arguments which are extremely weak. My first small post in this topic which was calling for religious views was about God does not need to be of any particular worldly religion.

Your attempt at trying to persuade me to come forth with an affiliation to any particular religious group is not only presumptuous it is morally wrong. I will remind you to look at the United Nations Charter of Rights 2nd article. I have a right to express my viewpoints and affiliation or not affiliate with any worldly religions. I do not know everything but I do know when I am being misinformed with misleading affirmations.
My argument here on this kind of statement is you are not qualified to hand out this kind of advice with misleading statements. .
And you should also remember that specific statements of belief about the Judeo-Christian god belong in the p&r forum, not here.

I have little concern about where posts go. The topic of this post was related to both science and religion. You are the one that said topics go in different directions. You need not worry about where my posts are going. You should concern yourself instead with your moderating duties and making your posse posts more logically presented, especially in a science forum.
I'm sorry

Accepted. Whenever you feel the need to apologize I am open to it.
you apparently don't understand basic logic

False. Though I do have this urge to challenge your misplaced logic in these posts.
but I haven't got time

Did someone send you a letter forcing you to post?
to teach you

Never said I wanted it. What I do learn is your post is lacking proper arguments to the topic at hand. I will withdraw from this topic as I find it less than satisfying and going too much off topic.
so I'll recommend an on-line book.

This is a public forum. The internet is for public viewing. Your point is?
After reading it you might understand the second part of my posting well enough to make some more relevant comments.

Yes logically this does make sense. You are stating that my arguments are not relevant because they disagree with your insufficient points. The sad part is your lack of logical argument is not relevant. Instead of keeping on topic, you are the one that has chosen to supply very illogical points in your previous post which I refuted. Now your counter arguments are off topic. Ok, basically then is you do not have counter arguments. You know what, I really do not have time for this stupidity, and withdrawing from this topic all together for that reason.

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Bikerman wrote:
Do you not think that other religions have God(s)?

Bluedoll wrote:
Really don't care ole boy.

You're not serious, right? You demand people respect your belief pertaining to your God, then go and discard everybody else's beliefs as though they're trash?
Hogwarts on Tue Nov 16, 2010 3:25 am
I am not interested in some religious beliefs some people have if they are structured for hate. I do not demand anything. I do sometimes ask for a little reasonable respect. I am serious about certain subjects.
Bluedoll on Fri Dec 10, 2010 5:42 pm

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