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Rules of the road!

I’ll put down some basic rules to give indication of what is expected. Will add to these if required or change anything as it brought to my attention.

Note: Some of this contest can and may exist on the public forum board so these rules do not constitute forum rules but only apply to what will be allowed in the story/contest itself.

Direction to go in - - - >

1. Language should be natural and an attempt made to keep it within normal limits in reference to profanity or abusiveness. Even though it is only a story, play nice. Please avoid shortened text words like u2 or watsup.

2. Do take a quick look at the outline to determine the setting. By all means use your imagination but in this story space aliens or strange occurrences are not really welcomed. It is a fictional but the theme is a small town gather around discussion about what is going on with life inside the story.

3. This mandate is important to observe 100%. It is totally your responsibility to be yourself. What you say or do will be a measure of your character in this story. You can not under any circumstances speak for or express for another person. An example is, “they looked at me and smiled” is not admissible. You can smile at other people but must let the other person control their own character.

4. Add as little or as much as you like but generally speaking keep in mind that there must be an balance between graphics and text with an exception if you are doing both. Generally speaking only a little dialogue is all that is required in every scene. However discussion about the contest in generally is unlimited because that might not appear in the actual story.

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