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Last on the list.

The start page of a story should reflect the rest the story. In a journal the same should apply. Most people however are interested in current events as they are when reading news. So a journal/blog is often kept in descending order (first is last – last is first). This does make sense to me if you read a journal not from a historic perspective but to find out simply what is up!
First entree. Smile

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Hi Bluedoll, good to see your blog started.
I won't insult you by pretending that we come anywhere close to having similar beliefs/philosophical views, but I honestly wish you well in the Frihost blogosphere.

I noticed in your 2nd post you commented that "its quiet here", thats usually true with the blogs, and it creates less interest when sharing views here as opposed to new topics on the forums.
I myself choose the blog instead of a new topic for many posts of mine - but I always keep the reply option open though because I still love a debate!

Good luck with it, maybe you'll get a lot more responses depending on what you post here, but remember the world is full of gentle and blunt online posters - they aren't all friendly, but to me, that makes it more exciting, as lets face it, it's digital, so the "sticks and stones may break my bones" nursery rhyme is definitely appropriate in this discussion format! Smile
watersoul on Wed Nov 03, 2010 10:21 pm
Think I will keep one part of the blog open and another closed. I am sure you have noticed my little signature thing. Boards are good for reading – thinking and responding but are also under authority of the moderation when it comes to public posts. The one advantage, I find with my other digital virtual presence is I am in control of any moderation. Everything in moderation though. In spite of the fact that, I do not use it often, if a person (the one using the keyboard) insults, gets rude or want to become abusive I can simply help them find the exit door. Laughing

I have never had a real blog before (where I actually used it) so maybe struggling a little at first but thanks for the good wishes. Yes, I know we are not close to having similar beliefs/philosophical views but isn’t that so interesting? I love the way not everyone is the same and it would be terrible if we were like clones. So in our journey we connect up with people, have discussions and exchange ideas/views. I think that is really great, honest!

Thank you so much watersoul, I think you are a really good writer by the way. Wink
Bluedoll on Thu Nov 04, 2010 2:38 pm

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