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8th July 2012

Forums are pretty quiet at the moment, which is just as well because I'm currently busy rebuilding my main Linux server and the learning curve is quite steep.
I've worked as a system manager in industry, and I've used Unix both academically and in business, but it is truly amazing how quickly one forgets when not doing it regularly.
I just spent 4 hours trying to fix a problem that didn't exist, for example, because I used the GREP wrongly......sheesh.....this used to be bread and butter Smile

For those interested - I'm rebuilding a VPS which is my main personal webserver. As anyone who knows my would probably guess, it is pretty down on religion. One of the reasons for rebuilding it (but not the main one) is that some tricky little Christian managed to hack it and leave a couple of pretty dumb messages in the spooler saying that God would strike me down - you gotta larf....
The main reason is that it has a lot of media resources and it was becoming unwieldy and cumbersome to navigate using the old setup. The decision was, therefore, either rebuild it on the fly - changing the system piecemeal, or start again. The second option obviously is far the most arduous but ultimately the best so that's what I decided. I'm currently restoring - for the third time - because I installed a new webmail client - RoundCube - and it basically made changes to my php installation that would take ages to track and reverse.
For anyone looking for a webclient so that they can access their email on their remote VPS or Hosted machine, Roundcube is pretty cool - certainly it has a nicer 'look and feel' than the traditional client - squirrelmail. I was quite happy with it until I discovered that it requires a php extension that kills some bespoke software I have running - so it had to go.
I'm resigning myself to having to use squirrelmail - even though I dislike the interface - because I can't seem to find a better app that is freeware or opensource. I have a strict policy on my own servers of using Open source wherever possible.....

Ah well....back to the restore - hopefully it has finished and I can get on.....

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Good luck with that restore/rebuild, Bikerman.
standready on Sun Jul 08, 2012 9:35 pm
Good luck with the restore. Have you looked into Horde or NeoMail as alternatives to squirrelmail? Just figured I would mention them, even though I have not used them, as they might fit the bill for you. Hope it was done.
pauline123 on Mon Jul 09, 2012 3:36 pm

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